Saturday, October 13, 2012

While vilifying Obama in Ohio over China, the Sensata Story is Exploding in Mitt Romney’s Face

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October 13, 2012

While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Saturday spoke at a rally to college students in the battleground state of Ohio to hit President Barack Obama for supposedly going easy on China over unfair trade practices, a story broke which highlights the Republican Presidential candidate’s hypocrisy.

In addition, this also brings to light why Mitt Romney’s tax returns may have been held back from public scrutiny.


Romney has at least $250,000 in the Bain Capital Asia Fund and as much as $1 million each in Bain Capital Funds IX and X, all Cayman Islands entities used by Bain to make sizable investments in China, according to the 2012 candidate financial disclosures and confidential Bain prospectuses obtained by The Times through a public records request, reports the New York Times. 

Romney refuses to talk to Sensata workers in Freeport, Illinois. Why won’t he talk to American workers, but he’s willing to benefit from his dealings with China, while vilifying the President?  Bain Capital forced American workers to train their own Chinese replacements.

Bain continues to own $2.6 billion worth of Sensata’s shares. Perhaps why Mitt Romney’s tax plan doesn’t add up, is he’s confusing Chinese currency with American.

The Times article is a must read. 

The Huffington Post has a great breakdown.