Monday, October 1, 2012

A wide margin of voters state they believe President Obama will win the upcoming debates

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October 1, 2012

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll was released Monday. One of the questions to those surveyed concluded that most believe — by a wide margin — that President Obama does more to favor the middle class than the wealthy: 66%, 17% believe Obama favors the wealthy. In contrast, Romney: 35 percent, 57 percent, respectively. The upcoming debates this month show an interest level of 81 percent. A lot is hinging on the debates for Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the following numbers are not in his favor.

Among registered voters, 56 percent stated that they believe Obama will win the debate while just 29 percent said they thought Mitt Romney would win.

Respondents were asked about the distribution of wealth in this country – that is, the gap between how much money wealthy people have compared with how much money the rest of the population has. Do you think this gap is larger than it’s been historically, smaller, or about the same? 57 percent believe the gap is larger, with 5 percent stating that it’s smaller, 34 percent believe it’s the same.

46 percent said that Romney’s tax rate of 14 percent meant that he was paying his fair share. In contrast, 48 percent do not.

Addressing women’s issues: 54 percent favor Obama, 36  percent for Romney.

Handling terrorism: 53 percent favor Obama. 39 percent for Romney.

This question is amusing. “Who would you rather see as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, (Obama) or (Romney)?” 51 percent said they prefer Obama, to 26 percent for Romney.

As reported here Sunday, Romney needs to win all nine battleground states to win the Presidency.

Results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error or 3.5 percentage points. The error margin is 3.5 points for the sample of 929 registered voters