Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paul Ryan on the Today Show, “We plan on reaching across the aisle” (forgets he barricaded the aisle)

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October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney’s veep choice Congressman Paul Ryan claimed during an interview on the Today Show that the Republican Presidential candidate’s performance in the presidential town hall debate bested Obama’s. Sure, that’s not exactly a shocker, but Ryan, who is one of the most divisive members of Congress, states they will meet their goals by reaching across the aisle.

Matt Lauer asks, “Where’s the leadership, and you're a numbers guy?”

Ryan responds  “Right. and here’s what I know, Matt. If you say to Congress take it or leave it, here’s my plan, my way or the highway, you don't get things done. Look, I understand that’s how the President operates. I understand that that’s what they did the first two years they came in with one-party rule. we don't plan on governing like that, Matt. We plan on reaching across the aisle and finding consensus. The good news is there are democrats who agree with us.”

Sorry, I need a minute to pick myself off of the floor. (30 minutes later)

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Paul Ryan either has guts or he’s the biggest tool in politics. I suggest both. As reported here, Ryan recently stated that the current political environment is the “most partisan atmosphere” he’s “ever seen” over the three administrations he’s worked for. Ryan selectively forgets, he ‘built that.’

As reported here, Paul Ryan betrayed America and that wasn't meant to be a hyperbolic statement in anyway, just factual.

A highly revealing bookThe New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era, authored by Michael Grunwald, gives the public a glaring glimpse into the Republican Party’s agenda. New excerpts have just been published which highlight the clandestine meeting with Republican leaders in attendance, led by GOP Whip Eric Cantor in 2008. Paul Ryan, the ideological rock star of the right and newly minted veep choice for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also attended — each swore to obstruct anything, everything the President tries to accomplish — in lockstep, partisan-style.

With the aforementioned in mind, does Paul Ryan actually believe that politicians across the aisle have such a short memory, considering the oath he took in order for his party to get back into power?

While he’s reaching across the aisle with barricades he himself put in place, I’d like to extend the biggest fuck you possible to Paul Ryan.