Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama has a huge lead on Romney with early voters by 59 percent to 31 percent

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October 14, 2012

In a newly released Reuters/Ipsos poll, the conclusion is a tight race with the exception of one area: Early voters. 7 percent of those surveyed report that they have already voted. Among early voters, Obama leads Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney by 59 percent to 31%.

Only one in three voters cast a ballot before Election Day in 2008. With early voting underway in at least 40 states, this is likely the reason Republicans wanted to do away with early voting, especially in battleground states.

Reuters reports:

Early voting was a big part of Obama’s victory over Republican John McCain in 2008, and his campaign aims to repeat its success this year.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates the campaign’s efforts appear to be paying off, although its advantage could erode as Election Day approaches.

The Obama campaign says it is leading among early voters in Iowa and Ohio, and trailing by a smaller margin than 2008 in several other swing states. It expects its early voting efforts will help the campaign weather a blitz of negative ads expected to saturate the airwaves in battleground states in the final weeks before November 6.

“ We've made early investments in battleground states – where we've been registering folks and keeping an open conversation going with undecided voters for months – to build a historic grass-roots organization that will pay off when the votes are counted,” spokesman Adam Fetcher said.

In the important battleground state of Ohio, the race is tight. Romney is just barely trailing President Obama. Republicans have never won the presidency without winning Ohio.

Romney’s debate performance enhanced Republican enthusiasm, however, the next Presidential debate is Tuesday, so it’s either politician’s state. Joe Biden’s debate performance has ramped up enthusiasm for Democrats. A lot hinges on early voting and Tuesday — no stress intended Mr. President. Well, a little perhaps.

Get out and vote.

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