Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GOP misplaces their Binders full of Women, House Committee to be chaired by all men

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November 28, 2012

The contrast in our political climate is telling when Democrats throw support behind female candidates as much as men, and call out Republicans for their War on Women, and yet twelve of the major House committees will be chaired by men in the 113th Congress.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced who will chair all of the major House committees in the next Congress on Tuesday, while apparently disregarding any female possibilities, as if they are confirming their bias. So much for ‘soul searching.’ Certainly no one can say there are no worthy females for such positions — as Mitt Romney noted, he has binders full of them.

There isn't one woman or minority included in the 19 House committee chairs — this is coming from the party, that now wants to be inclusive, after the election results poured in.

Via Politico:

After a day of meetings closed to the public, the House Republican Steering Committee announced an all-male slate of committee chairs, including 12 returning lawmakers who will head up some of the most important panels in Washington. The chairmen for the House Ethics Committee and House Administration Committee have yet to be chosen, so a woman could end up in one of those slots.

New chairmen include Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas atop Financial Services, Ed Royce of California on Foreign Affairs, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia on Judiciary, Lamar Smith of Texas on the Science, Space and Technology Committee and Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania atop Transportation and Infrastructure.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan was the only lawmaker to obtain a waiver to bypass House GOP rules to remain as a chairman for a fourth term. He will lead the Budget Committee again.

Without one woman chosen to chair their committee, it’s revealing that Paul Ryan remains – Ryan is one of the most anti-female candidates in the GOP. Paul Ryan is considered by Republicans to be the intellectual member of their party, and that speaks volumes for the remainder of the GOP.  His budget has been deemed as cruel. Ryan extols the need for austerity measures, while refusing to touch defense spending, or raising tax revenue. Paul Ryan will not sit in the second highest seat of the land, but he remains in his Congressional seat representing Wisconsin. The soul searching Republicans have reportedly been doing, has had a hiccup. It appears they couldn’t find their soul, but instead of finding their life force, they hit the revolving door going back to that desolate, soulless space.

In stark contrast, House Democrats will likely have five women as ranking members committees.

Image: Wikipedia

Sunday, November 25, 2012

After the Presidential election, Kentucky teacher writes on chalkboard, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven.”

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November 25, 2012

Just after the recent Presidential election, a high school teacher in London, Kentucky, took it upon herself to write a politically charged partisan message across her blackboard — apparently straight from the GOP Bible — which read, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven.” Think about that for a moment. Imagine if a teacher wrote that only Democrats go to heaven. Imagine if you will, the uproar, “They’re indoctrinating our children!”

A student took a photograph of the partisan statement, then promptly turned it in to the Laurel County Board of Education and the Sentinel-Echo, the latter of which published the story.

The accused teacher, Kendra Baker, violated district policy. According to Superintendent Doug Bennett, a student first uttered the statement as part of class discussion at South Laurel High School. The teacher, Kendra Baker, then wrote it on the white board.

Benett said, “She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board.  She realized it was inappropriate.”

The juicy part (aka: crazy):

Baker is in her 17th year in teaching high school, and this is her ninth year teaching at South.  Her courses include psychology, civics, world history, U.S. history, economics, and sociology.  Since the incident, Baker’s statement has spread discord among students and parents via social media.

So, Ms. Republican has been teaching psychology, world history (and we have to wonder how much of it she revises), economics, and she’s still employed at the school after fucking with the kids’ heads, in a psychological way.

But it’s cool, because Ms. Republican was reprimanded. By reprimanded, they mean she apologized to the students. Huh. I’m curious as to how many parents have requested a different, less partisan teacher, so their children can actually be in class to learn — from actual books.

Some people are not taking the results of the election very well. It’s almost as if they’re taking it personally that their candidates got their asses whooped. Ah, sweet Schadenfreude.

Image: Michael in Norfolk. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walmart’s mathematically-challenged Jedi Mind trick: Only 50 Workers Took Part In Black Friday Strike

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November 24, 2012

Walmart strikers and their supporters have been in the news, because of their potential impact, not just on Black Friday, but in the future. This is the rise of the worker, against bad Corporate behavior toward their own employees. Walmart should be afraid — afraid enough to twist the truth. Walmart alleges only 50 workers took part in the strike.

On the busiest shopping day of the year, Walmart was hit with a massive protest and staff walkouts in 46 states, even in Dallas, Texas, where their love for unions is vacant. Alan Grayson personally escorted one worker out, so according to Walmart, that would leave 49 more.  This leaves us with a simple math problem to work out — of those 46 states, 1,000 protests were organized so, Walmart alleges that only a fraction of a percentage more than one person walked out in each state. With 1,000 protests sweeping across the States, we’re supposed to believe that only 50 workers took the day off, to strike, or from illness. For any sane American to believe that, the corporation in question would have to be one that is very good to their workers — or at least decent, meaning, not Walmart.

FYI: Walmart has a lengthy history of lying.

The Guardian reports:

“Only 26 protests occurred at stores last night and many of them did not include any Walmart associates,” said Bill Simon, Walmart’s US president and chief executive officer. “We had very safe and successful Black Friday events at our stores across the country and heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers,” Simon said.

He added that the retailer estimated less than 50 Walmart workers had taken part in the protests. “In fact, this year, roughly the same number of associates missed their scheduled shift as last year,” Simon said.

But protesters disputed the retailer’s numbers.

Dan Schlademan, director at lobby group Making Change at Walmart, said “hundreds and hundreds” of workers were taking action.

He said as a result of protests, Walmart workers had seen their employment terminated, threatened with having their hours cut and that the labor board was now investigating 35 specific violations of the national labor relations act.

From vetting the hashtags on Twitter alone, one could conclude the Walmart is again full of crap. Updates by workers were tweeted and retweeted for all to see.

By safe, Walmart must mean this. 

Or this, which is the opposite of safe — this video highlights greed in those that chose to shop on Black Friday, where getting a bargain trumped standing up for your fellow man and woman. Bad karma strikes as shoppers appear to be eating their own.


Walmart’s average annual pay of $20,774 is below the Federal Poverty Level for a family of four. As reported here, employees can work at Walmart for decades before they make much above minimum wage.

tl;dr: We don’t believe you Walmart– with the exception of a few fringe right wingers on Fox Nation, that is.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hi Walmart, I see you’ve met Alan Grayson; joins the protest, leads demonstrators in a chant

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November 23, 2012

Walmart is playing down their workers’ strike, but from watching it unfold, the protest is on. Walmart protesters were joined by Rep.-elect Alan Grayson (D-Fla), who just rejoined the House. After citing statistics on Walmart employees, whose children are on Food stamps, the fiery Congressman ended his speech with, “The people united, will never be defeated” which led a chorus of protesters to join the inspirational chant.

Walmart employees planned the walk off from work to occur on Thursday evening, while shoppers began to arrive early for “Black Friday.” Protesting crappy wages and a clear lack of benefits, Occupy joined forces with the workers.

Grayson is everywhere. 

Thursday, Grayson accompanied a Walmart worker as she walked off her job in St. Cloud as part of a nationwide protest against the country’s largest employer.

OUR Walmart and Making Change at Walmart, along with watchdog group Corporate Action Network, have called upon on the retailer to end what they call retaliation against employees who speak out for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care.

According to the company’s internal pay plan, obtained by The Huffington Post, employees can work at Walmart for decades before they make much above minimum wage.

in Dallas, where there is an unfriendly attitude toward unions, the city has become a main center for the strikes, along with Los Angeles and Chicago. This isn’t just a strike. It’s a point. When politicians dismiss the need for a minimum wage increase, giving the justification of it being unhealthy for small businesses, Walmart impact on small businesses has been significant.

A study concludes:

The joint review of key research papers from the past seven years indicates that the opening of a Wal-Mart in New York City would likely eliminate more jobs than it creates, result in the loss of independently owned small businesses, and create an increased burden on taxpayers.

“The history of the last decade tells us that Wal-Mart stands to be our City’s Trojan Horse,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. “Wal-Mart’s record of driving small businesses out of town and paying below-poverty line wages to its employees will only exacerbate the current decline of New York City’s middle class. We must do everything we can to spur job creation in New York City, but that does not include opening our doors to a proven job-killer.”

Don’t look for the man behind Walmart’s curtain. He’s actually a toxic ‘corporation, my friend’.

Strike on, Walmart workers.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fox Pundit Andrea Tantaros mocked the poor on Thanksgiving eve. I think this deserves a food stamp challenge

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November 22, 2012

While sitting at our dining room tables, collecting our thoughts in review of all for which we are thankful, and looking ahead on how much more we can accomplish to better the world in some small way, Fox News pundit Andrea Tantaros declared on the eve of Thanksgiving, that she would “look fabulous” if forced to live on Food stamps. Yes, she went there. She mocked the poor. Mayor Cory Booker recently agreed to live on $133 per month, just as food stamp recipients do, and that was the catalyst for Tantaros’ distasteful diatribe against the poor.

How Tantoros stepped in it.

As reported here, Mayor Booker tweeted, ”An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics” Plutarch ancient Greek historian (c. 46 – 120 CE),” a Twitter battle of sorts began. A couple of Republicans responded by deeming the mayor as a Socialist, so Booker presented one ‘special’ Republican with a challenge: Live on food stamps for an extended period of time, and Booker, will meet the challenge.

The attention garnered did not sit well with the Fox pundit.  After Fox Business panelists speculated whether Booker’s pledge was an effort at “positioning himself for a run for the Presidency as a man of the people,” Tantaros chimed in: “I should try it because, do you know how fabulous I’d look. I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds.”

To be sure, with Cory Booker, this was not political posturing, but just another day in his life. The man has saved citizens from burning buildings, fixed traffic lights, dug residents out of snowbound areas after a blizzard, and recently, invited people into his home after they had lost power, to recharge their tech devices, warm up, kick back and watch a movie. After Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath, Booker took to tweeting non-stop with updates on power outages, calming upset constituents and checking up on those in need.

That said, Andrea Tantoros is posturing to keep her job as a propagandist with Fox News while garnering attention by ridiculing the poor — on the air and not even behind closed doors like Mitt Romney did — and needy. But, just in case she’s being genuine (and we know she’s not), let’s present her with the food stamp challenge.

This is a bipartisan effort by FreakOutNation — Tantoros declared her desire to “look FABULOUS” and “skinny” so that she can resemble the millions of people that go hungry in America every day — and we want to help her. We care! Apparently, Andrea’s low self-esteem is worsening. She’s not obese but obviously feels that she is.

We can help you Andrea and you don’t need to be ‘forced’ on the diet! Take the food stamp challenge, but be prepared to eat icky Ramen Noodles daily.

How about it gurlfriend? Don’t make me go all petition on your ass. Put your food stamps where your mouth is — are you a survivor, or just a propagandist? I’m guessing she’s the latter.

As Media Matters notes, “Sean Hannity encouraged those suffering with food insecurity to shun SNAP and instead eat more rice and beans, which he said could be purchased “for relatively negligible amounts of money.” So, we should extend this challenge to Hannity as well. Perhaps next time they think of mocking those less fortunate than they are, they’ll remember those yummy Ramen Noodles, that they had to endure for a month in order to survive.

Image: Huffington Post

Linda McMahon (R-Classy) sends staffers bounced checks, a condom, and tells them ‘you’re screwed’

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November 22, 2012

Well this sucks for Linda McMahon’s staffers. McMahon’s U.S. Senate campaign in Connecticut told WTNH-TV they were not paid after Election Day. After they received bounced checks, McMahon’s people stated that new checks would be mailed out (wink wink), but Twaine Don Gomes was punished for speaking to the press. Apparently, no one should know about McMahon’s cheap ass — who is only cheap with those working for her. McMahon spent $100 million on two failed campaigns for Senate.

Twaine Don Gomes was one of the people who first complained to News 8. While being handed a check, he states that the campaign told him they were mad that he reported the bounced checks, so he got a little something extra in his envelope, in the form of a condom, then promptly told him that he was screwed. Say what? OK, and to top this off, the ‘screwed’ staffers were part-timers who cashed their checks at M&M Check Cashing Company — meaning, they were low paid staffers who didn’t even have bank accounts, but they were generously afforded a big fuck you from the millionaire wrestling magnate.

“Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed,” Gomes said. “That’s the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it’s like spitting in a person’s face.

“I’m not blaming Mrs. McMahon for this, I’m not bashing anyone,” Brown said, “but I just want my pay for 16 hours.”

Not everyone received the replacement check they were promised. Evette Brown only received the original check, which apparently had the power to bounce around the world, and back. ProTip: When someone tells you ‘the check is in the mail’ an alarm should be blaring in your head.

“I waited for mine to come in the mail,” Brown said to WTNH-TV. “It came in the mail and when I went to cash it, I couldn’t cash it.”

McMahon has been cheap before. While campaigning (before she failed miserably and spent gazillions of dollars) door-hangers were left at the houses of Connecticut voters portraying the Republican Senate candidate and President Obama as a pair who “will fight for us.” Yes, yes she did try to ride on Obama’s coattails, apparently knowing full well, that Republicans were not faring well in the public eye.

In fairness and in defense of Linda McMahon: It’s possible that she needed the money because she’s only worth a mere $500 million and owns a $40 million mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, a $20 million vacation home and a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan. So, understandably, McMahon had to screw her part time staff over while humiliating them, in order to survive. Life is ‘hard’ as Ann Romney would say.

This reminds me of something. What could it be? I remember now. Mitt Romney’s aides took taxis home late at night after the candidate’s concession speech only to get a rude awakening; their credit cards were cut off.

Linda McMahon who declared that she would “fight for us” was talking about the middle class and the poor — the same people she just screwed.

Image: NCAdvertiser

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jon Stewart On Papa John: Let’s stop pretending bosses have transformed into assholes because of Obamacare

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November 14, 2012

Jon Stewart delves into the Republican myth of ‘Job creators.’  Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnattner has come into the spotlight, by taking a political stance just before and now after President Obama was elected. Certainly, not all CEOs are threatening their employees, but a few have come under media attention for lashing out at their employees.  Jon Stewart hits two CEOs for their partisan stance, which resulted in an extreme case of whining publicly.

On last night’s Daily Show, Stewart worked out the real dilemma for Schnatter and his partisan cohorts. “Let’s face the facts,” Stewart says, “Pizza and coal companies are just unlucky enough to have a labor force that can’t be outsourced.”

Stewart adds, “Obamacare is just the latest excuse to wriggle out of the social contract,” Quit with the “I’d love to be able to give employees health care, I just can’t” excuse, he said. Not that they don’t have a legitimate gripe against the president: “If Obama had fought harder for single-payer health care, business owners like you would never have to pay another premium in your lives.”


“That should be easy,” Stewart says,  “take all the millions you donated for partisan political purposes and pump it back into Health Care advances that may ultimately create productivity.”


As reported here, in our first post on Schnatter, Papa John’s CEO is certainly faring well.

Man doesn’t vote, Obama hating Wife runs over him in a Jeep (both are covered by Obamacare)

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November 13, 2012

A wife decided to run over her husband in a parking lot reportedly because of his lack of voter participation. This brings a whole new light to ‘Get out the Vote’ efforts. The incident took place in Gilbet, Arizona.

The catalyst for the argument was Solomon’s fear and hatred of the Affordable Care Act. But, there is good (ironic) news. Holly Solomon, 28, and her husband will be covered — Holly for being completely nuts (obviously a preexisting condition), and her husband for injuries sustained, after Holly got into her Jeep and chased her husband through the parking lot.


At first Mr. Solomon tried hiding from his unhinged Obama-hating wife, behind a light pole, but Holly drove around it while yelling at him, a Gilbert Police report stated. I’m going to wager a guess here: Holly is a Fox News viewer.

Solomon’s husband, Daniel Solomon, told police his wife “just hated Obama” and was very angry he was re-elected and blamed the President for problems her family is going through.

When the husband tried to flee, Solomon drove after him, eventually hitting him and pinning him between the SUV and the curb, cops said. ABC 15 reports that Solomon’s husband was taken to a local hospital where he is in critical condition.

Solomon was charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault. I’m curious as to why she’s not charged with attempted murder.

FreakOutNation wishes the best for Mr. and Mrs. Solomon.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Papa John doesn’t want you to have health care, lives in 40K square foot home, 22 car garage, underpays his employees

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August 9, 2012

Partisan pizza maker, John Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s, is having a public hissy fit over ObamaCare, so much so that he’s announced to the world that he is forced (forced, I tell you) to raise his prices due to the new health care law. Schnatter is raising his prices 11 cents, likely in protest.

These must be hard times for John. Poor guy: John Schnatter is the founder, as well as chairman and CO-CEO of PaPa Johns International Inc., with a net worth of $240 million. John Schnatter has accumulated his net worth through his franchises in over 3400 restaurants around the world. He was born in Jefferson, Indiana U.S. In 2011, John was listed at number 17 on Forbes list as one of the wealthiest (under 40 years old).

Damn, he must live in one crappy apartment….

Mitt Romney said after visiting Schnatter’s home in Anchorage, Ken., for a fundraiser:

“Who would've imagined pizza could build this. This is really something. Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course…. This is a real tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.”

John’s house:

This large and over the top mansion is owned by the founder and CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter. The house is 40,000 square feet and it resembles a castle. One interesting feature on this 16-acre estate is the 22-car underground garage, complete with an office for valet parking, a car wash and even a motorized turn table to move limousines. The home also has a state-of-the-art exercise suite and a huge 6,000 square foot carriage house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any information on the inside of this interesting estate. Click the link below for an aerial view.

You will need to see the aerial view, to capture the entirety of his home. My entire apartment in Manhattan, is likely much, much smaller than this man’s closet.

But, I’m sure he pays his employees well, amirite?

Good ol’ John doesn't pay his employees enough to rent my 2×2 closet, in my teeny tiny (but comfy!) apartment. A delivery driver makes a whopping $6.41 per hour. 

It’s wonderful that this man has been able to realize the American dream — some of it, on the backs of his workers, who are insufficiently paid. But, nevertheless, I applaud his success — but his partisan views made while living in his sprawling mansion, clearly are not in the interest of the middle class.

John, people die without health care.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Indiana, we have a problem when a Tea Partier defeats an Iraq Vet & Harvard Graduate

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Indiana, we have a problem.

Indiana has had it’s share of blue vs red elections but this one, is especially bad. We went totally red across the board with a slight ray of blue in Joe Donnelly, Democrat from South Bend, who defeated Tea Party, God’s will, Richard Mourdock. But that’s about all. What an embarrassment living in one of only two states that didn’t carry President Obama this time around. It wasn’t even close.

To make matters worse, Jackie Walorski, a Tea Party darling, defeated Iraq veteran and Harvard grad, Brendan Mullen. And she beat him by way of Elkhart County, a god loving strong hole who votes bibles before issues.

We need a change. And that change starts at the top. Democratic Party Chair of Indiana,  Dan Parker has held that spot for many years. And although we have a a few moments of celebration, this time it is serious. Mike Pence whose political viewpoints are off the cliff on the right is now going to take Mitch Daniels spot as Governor. He is another Daniels but on steroids.

In my county, the total and complete destruction of Democrats is the last straw. Dan Parker has got to go! We have to build the party up with new faces with fresh ideas, starting from the state level down to the local parties. We have to harness the energy of the youth and the Latino communities and we need to start today!

Thanks Dan Parker for your time of service to the State of Indiana but now it’s time to step down. Do it with grace or face a challenger. The choice is yours.

Bristol, IN

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grover Norquist says Republicans are as Strong as Ever (forgets what took place election night)

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November 8, 2012

One of the biggest problems in our divisive political climate, is the anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, who insists that his ideology be mimicked by his entire party so much so that they have to sign a pledge and make blood sacrifices on every full moon at an alter which strangely looks just like him (an ever so slight exaggeration). Republicans took a shellacking; part of that responsibility lies on Norquist’s shoulders.

We’ll dissect Norquist’s response to President Obama’s reelection, just a bit.Obama won a smaller percentage of American votes in his reelection than in his win in 2008.

America gave him less support after watching him govern for four years than when he ran promising hope and change.  Normally a reelected president expands his margin of support.

This image from the far, far, FAR right wing site Gateway Pundit — this way, no one can claim this is liberal bias. When John Kerry ran against George W. Bush, he garnered one million more votes than Mitt Romney.

Oh look, even one of Gateway’s readers ‘gets it.’

We are becoming a more Brown nation. And it is apparently clear we need a person or person who can speak to ALL Americans. That is a Tough job but CAN be done and TODAY, NOT TOMORROW is the time. We can’t wait because Obama will be gone in 4 years.

Representing only old white guys in a multicultural country is no longer doable. If only we had told them — besides all those times we did.

Again, Gateway (if this information is correct):

Barack Obama had nearly 10 million fewer votes last night than in 2008.
But it was enough to win.
Fewer Republicans turned out to vote for Mitt Romney
Mitt won only 57 million votes.

The problematic factor with Republicans is, they never liked ‘their guy.’ Romney was disliked just months ago, but he was the best they had. They just hated Obama more.

Back to Grover:

The modern Republican party is the party of the Ryan Plan: No tax hikes, Reaganesque tax reform, and entitlement reform. Before today, many believed that entitlement reform was political poison.

No, you silly goose. We the People, including Catholics are not behind the cruel Paul Ryan plan. Grover, you need to pay attention.

In the comments — to my delight — Conservatives turned on Norquist one by one:

Grover Norquist, you seem to think that fiscal conservatism exists independently of culture. It does not. You are not part of the solution.

Exactly. This election should demonstrate once and for all that a platform exclusively emphasizing fiscal conservatism is insufficient to win the presidency.

Huffpo reports Norquist’s response in which he states that Republicans are still as strong as ever.

“The Republicans are as strong as they were after 2010, and that was considered a devastating body blow to the Obama administration and Democratic hopes,” he said. “What’s been crushing for Republicans is that they had hopes of taking the Senate and the presidency. That didn't happen.”

Well, except for the Republican Congressmen who were handily shellacked and replaced with Democrats, hence, they are not as strong. He left that part out.

You can read the rest of Grover’s justifications for losing here. 

Karl Rove is Losing it: Accuses Obama Campaign of Suppressing the Vote

Article Mirror

November 8, 2012

Karl Rove’s histrionic appearance on Fox News regarding the Ohio elections numbers highlights what a pickle he’s in, considering the hundreds of millions of dollars he spent, of other people’s money to get Romney in and Obama out. And then Rove blamed Hurricane Sandy. And now, Rove insists that President Obama won reelection by “suppressing the vote,” during an appearance on Fox News Thursday.


Think Progress transcribes the interview:

”I think the Republicans lost in this election because of two things. One is that the Obama campaign was very effective in keeping roughly 92 percent of the people who voted for President Obama before to vote for him again. But they didn't do a good job of growing the electorate…The Democrats, the the only group that they got more votes this time around than they got four years ago were among Latinos. About 700,000 more Latinos voted Democratic this year than the year before. But the president succeed by suppressing the vote, by saying to people, ‘you may not like who I am and I know you can’t bring yourself to vote for me, but I’m going to paint this other guy as simply a rich guy who only cares about himself.’

Rove should grasp the meaning of unity and inclusion. Democrats didn't ‘get’ the Latino vote. We simply don’t threaten to have them ‘self-deport’ and do not ostracize entire groups of people. This is like talking to children and it’s odd that Republicans never suspected that they were becoming insignificant to the populace, each time they ostracized yet another group and/or race of people.

We remember Sonia Sotomayor being questioned as if she was a racist for her ‘wise Latina’ remark.  The ironic part, was that it was U.S. Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III who made these claims — Sessions, a notable racist, who is/was a KKK sympathizer. Then, Rush Limbaugh ran with it. Limbaugh, an outspoken racist. Republicans remained in denial, telling us we were ‘playing the race card.’

If they get rid of the racist bullshit, they just might ‘get’ the Latino vote. One day.  Stop with the Voter ID crap. American voters are privy to what’s behind this tactic. We don’t all watch Fox News. After Republicans tried to literally take away the right to vote from Latinos and African Americans/Blacks, how well did they think they would do, vote wise? Obviously, they weren't thinking.

In January: Pat Robertson Said God Told Him Barack Obama Would Not be Reelected

Article Mirror

November 8, 2012

81 year old Evangelist Pat Robertson knows everything because God bends his ear — and apparently God chose a Presidential candidate while He was politicizing in the Heavens, then promptly relayed that information to Robertson, but said he was not allowed to say who it was, but it was not Barack Obamaaccording to Newsmax.

“Your country will be torn apart by internal stress,” Robertson said God told him. “A house divided cannot stand.”


“Your president holds a radical view of the direction of your country, which is at odds with the majority. Expect chaos and paralysis. It’s a radical view of the future of this country, and so that’s why we’re having this division.”

“This is a spiritual battle which can only be won by overwhelming prayer. The future of the world is at stake because, if America falls, there’s no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion of the oppressed of the world. There must be an urgent call to prayer.”

Robertson told viewers, “I think He showed me about the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that so I’ll leave you in the dark – probably just as well – but I think I know who it’s going to be.”

But Robertson was clear. The victorious candidate would not be Obama. Who is Robertson praying to? Whoever it is, is consistently wrong.

The GOP God has endorsed many candidates, none of whom won. In fact, they were handily defeated early on.

Boehner suggests Republicans will Accept More Revenue, Work Together (he must not have met Mitch McConnell)

Article Mirror

November 8, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner stated that Republicans will work together with the White House and accept new revenue, which is contrary to what Mitch McConnell has stated.  Acknowledging Obama’s re-election victory, Boehner said House Republicans were willing to work with the White House and said they would accept new revenue under the right conditions,” Boehner said in prepared remarks.

The House Speaker further added, “What we can do is avert the cliff in a manner that serves as a down payment on – and a catalyst for – major solutions, enacted in 2013, that begin to solve the problem.”

Again, Boehner said “They would accept new revenue.”  Has Boehner met Mitch McConnell?

Political Carnival reports: 

“Minority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated he wasn’t ready to roll over… or concede any political ground”

The voters have not endorsed the failures or excesses of the president’s first term, they have simply given him more time to finish the job they asked him to do together with a Congress that restored balance to Washington after two years of one-party control.

Now it’s time for the president to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a closely divided Senate, step up to the plate on the challenges of the moment, and deliver in a way that he did not in his first four years in office.

To the extent he wants to move to the political center, which is where the work gets done in a divided government, we’ll be there to meet him half way.”

(my bold)

I don’t know where Mitch McConnell thinks he’s standing in the political spectrum but President Obama has been a centrist — so what he’s asking is for the President to meet him over on the far right crazy cliff so they can take a swan dive off the edge together, with the economy in tow.

There is good news though. McConnell, thankfully is not a man of his word. For example, watch:

We rate McConnell’s statement, ‘Promise unkept.’