Friday, November 9, 2012

Indiana, we have a problem when a Tea Partier defeats an Iraq Vet & Harvard Graduate

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Indiana, we have a problem.

Indiana has had it’s share of blue vs red elections but this one, is especially bad. We went totally red across the board with a slight ray of blue in Joe Donnelly, Democrat from South Bend, who defeated Tea Party, God’s will, Richard Mourdock. But that’s about all. What an embarrassment living in one of only two states that didn’t carry President Obama this time around. It wasn’t even close.

To make matters worse, Jackie Walorski, a Tea Party darling, defeated Iraq veteran and Harvard grad, Brendan Mullen. And she beat him by way of Elkhart County, a god loving strong hole who votes bibles before issues.

We need a change. And that change starts at the top. Democratic Party Chair of Indiana,  Dan Parker has held that spot for many years. And although we have a a few moments of celebration, this time it is serious. Mike Pence whose political viewpoints are off the cliff on the right is now going to take Mitch Daniels spot as Governor. He is another Daniels but on steroids.

In my county, the total and complete destruction of Democrats is the last straw. Dan Parker has got to go! We have to build the party up with new faces with fresh ideas, starting from the state level down to the local parties. We have to harness the energy of the youth and the Latino communities and we need to start today!

Thanks Dan Parker for your time of service to the State of Indiana but now it’s time to step down. Do it with grace or face a challenger. The choice is yours.

Bristol, IN