Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grover Norquist says Republicans are as Strong as Ever (forgets what took place election night)

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November 8, 2012

One of the biggest problems in our divisive political climate, is the anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, who insists that his ideology be mimicked by his entire party so much so that they have to sign a pledge and make blood sacrifices on every full moon at an alter which strangely looks just like him (an ever so slight exaggeration). Republicans took a shellacking; part of that responsibility lies on Norquist’s shoulders.

We’ll dissect Norquist’s response to President Obama’s reelection, just a bit.Obama won a smaller percentage of American votes in his reelection than in his win in 2008.

America gave him less support after watching him govern for four years than when he ran promising hope and change.  Normally a reelected president expands his margin of support.

This image from the far, far, FAR right wing site Gateway Pundit — this way, no one can claim this is liberal bias. When John Kerry ran against George W. Bush, he garnered one million more votes than Mitt Romney.

Oh look, even one of Gateway’s readers ‘gets it.’

We are becoming a more Brown nation. And it is apparently clear we need a person or person who can speak to ALL Americans. That is a Tough job but CAN be done and TODAY, NOT TOMORROW is the time. We can’t wait because Obama will be gone in 4 years.

Representing only old white guys in a multicultural country is no longer doable. If only we had told them — besides all those times we did.

Again, Gateway (if this information is correct):

Barack Obama had nearly 10 million fewer votes last night than in 2008.
But it was enough to win.
Fewer Republicans turned out to vote for Mitt Romney
Mitt won only 57 million votes.

The problematic factor with Republicans is, they never liked ‘their guy.’ Romney was disliked just months ago, but he was the best they had. They just hated Obama more.

Back to Grover:

The modern Republican party is the party of the Ryan Plan: No tax hikes, Reaganesque tax reform, and entitlement reform. Before today, many believed that entitlement reform was political poison.

No, you silly goose. We the People, including Catholics are not behind the cruel Paul Ryan plan. Grover, you need to pay attention.

In the comments — to my delight — Conservatives turned on Norquist one by one:

Grover Norquist, you seem to think that fiscal conservatism exists independently of culture. It does not. You are not part of the solution.

Exactly. This election should demonstrate once and for all that a platform exclusively emphasizing fiscal conservatism is insufficient to win the presidency.

Huffpo reports Norquist’s response in which he states that Republicans are still as strong as ever.

“The Republicans are as strong as they were after 2010, and that was considered a devastating body blow to the Obama administration and Democratic hopes,” he said. “What’s been crushing for Republicans is that they had hopes of taking the Senate and the presidency. That didn't happen.”

Well, except for the Republican Congressmen who were handily shellacked and replaced with Democrats, hence, they are not as strong. He left that part out.

You can read the rest of Grover’s justifications for losing here.