Tuesday, April 14, 2015

They Want Information On Me, So Here It Is

By Anomaly

We Hurt Gun Nuts’ Fee Fees And They Want Information On Me, So Here It Is

" I hurt a couple (tons) of gun whackos’ fee fees so they’re trying to gather information on me. This has all happened before with Facebook groups – one touting the virtues of the Confederacy but they were dumbasses and didn’t know how to utilize Google.

It’s not just one guy behind it; this sort of thing happens a lot so I’m going to help them out here.

I’m beating them to the punch, y’all.

I’ve been using the super-sneaky pseudonym Anomaly100 since day one when we opened this site because my privacy is, or was important to me, but all the trolls had to do was ask if they really wanted to know who I am.

My name is .... [ cliffhanger ] "

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