Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dolly Parton 67 Debut As A Rapper?

We are not making this up!

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Video gone viral: Kids lip sync to Katy Perry's ‘Roar’ In Children’s Hospital

Children and staff got together for an inspiring cover of "Roar" by Katy Perry at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Warning: Keep a tissue nearby. This will warm your heart.


Well done kids. You are superstars!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video of dogs shaking because that's what dogs do, that's why. Warning: It will make you smile

Photographer Carli Davidson's photo series “Shake,” will be released in a book on Oct. 22. The photographs capture dogs mid-shake, with jowls flailing and eyes rolling — a motion that’s often too quick to catch with the naked eye, Today reports.

The following video gives an example of his work in capturing doggies shaking, which is what they do because they're dogs, that's why.


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Video: Ohio State Marching Band takes Michael Jackson's Moonwalk to a whole different level

The Ohio State University marching band paid an amazing tribute to Michael Jackson on the 25th anniversary of the album, "Bad," during halftime of the game against the University of Iowa on Saturday.

Watch and around the 4.30 mark they're gonna take the moonwalk to a different level. We call that level: Awesome.


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Monday, October 21, 2013

Maine police nab 'The Joker,' charged with DUI

This isn't something you see everyday. Police in Maine stopped a man dressed as 'The Joker' for a DUI while still wearing green makeup, because The Joker, that's why.

64 year old Dennis Lalime, lost control of his car at about 2:00 a.m., then struck multiple trees and rocks before his car came to a stop.

Lalime wasn't injured.

The Morning Sentinel reports that a nearby homeowner heard the crash and called police, who then arrested Lalime on an operating under the influence charge.

CBS reports, "In his booking photo, Lalime's face is painted white, with dark circles around his eyes, and his hair is dyed bright green, just like the villain in the Batman series. A working telephone number couldn't be located for Lalime."

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It's a miracle: Man sues for serious, debilitating injuries after car accident, seen moving a 2,000 pound rock

It's a miracle!

A Utah Boy Scout leader who just weeks earlier filed a lawsuit claiming he suffered serious, permanent  and debilitating injuries is seen caught in a video pushing a 2,000 pound rock formation which is nearly 200 million years old.

Let us all watch this miracle:

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Great Post: Ten Ideas For The Productization And Monetization Of The NSA's Spying Infrastructure

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Ten Ways To Make NSA Spying Popular With Americans

With a more entrepreneurial focus, the NSA could easily counteract the current unpopularity of its surveillance programs and eliminate concerns over the cost of its multi-billion dollar programs.
Here are ten services the NSA could offer to make its spying more popular with Americans and offset the costs of its massive data collection:

1. Make flying easier. Since the NSA knows who the terrorists are, it can generate proceeds from “Not a Terrorist” badges which allow the wearer to bypass security screenings. For an additional fee, it will text you ahead of time if you’re booked in the middle seat between two lumberjacks.

2. Simplifying tax time. Since the NSA knows everything about our finances and credit card transactions, it will file your return with the IRS. Never be audited again.

3. Data recovery. Lose your phone? The NSA will restore your contact list. Hard drive fail? No worries, the NSA will rebuild it from the cloud.

4. Avoid annoying people. The NSA’s new mobile app will help you identify and avoid specific people. Is that chatty coworker in the restroom? Know before you go. Never run into your ex again.

5. Find your teenager. Kid out past curfew? AT&T and Verizon won’t help? Don’t guess. The NSA’s mobile app will pinpoint your teenager on a moment’s notice.

6. Private investigations. Is the guy you’re dating married? Is your spouse having an affair? There’s no need to hire a private investigator. The NSA will monitor the activities of those around you and email you if there’s anything you should know.

7. Improving relationships. Need to playback that conversation with your partner from 3 days ago where they’d agreed to cancel dinner reservations with your mom? No problem, the NSA audio cloud (built in to iOS and Android) will make it easy to retrieve.

8. Unlimited remote access to data. Out of dropbox space? Need a file from home or from your ex-boyfriend’s computer? No problem, the NSA’s cloud file store has it.

9. Access to medical records. Need to lookup an x-ray for your doctor? Want genetic testing reports on your date? The NSA mobile app has that too.

10. Truly secure email services. Using email encryption is hard, a surveillance-free email service would be super popular right now.

If you have more ideas for the NSA, tweet them with the hashtag #NSAapps. "



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Game of Thrones gets the 'Bad Lip Reading' treatment (video)

The newest 'Bad Lip Reading' video has gone viral and if you are also a fan of Game of Thrones, then you're going to love this.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stuff not to do: Weatherman accidentally on purpose eats cat vomit on the air

WFSB weatherman Scot Haney in Hartford, Connecticut, accidentally ate cat vomit on the air, after digesting what he thought was Grape Nuts which he scooped off the floor of the studio. Why he was eating something that was on the floor is anyone's guess.

Haney explains, "I thought they were grape nuts on the floor. I ate them. It was actually cat vomit that I must have stepped in at home. It came off my shoe."


WFSB 3 Connecticut

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Because someone has to: School the House Rock (video)

Roy Zimmerman uploaded this video to help out during the shutdown, pointing out how easy it is to remember that there are three branches of government, just like the three corners of their revolutionary hats.

At least one House Republican believes there are 4 branches of government, not three.



 Such a simple concept, even a Tea Partier can understand it.

The words:

Hey, Tea Party House members: This one's for you!

You dress up like a Founding Father
So you might think you'd bother
To read the Constitution in your pocket
But you need some schooling, so let's rock it!

There are three branches
Three branches of government
Three branches of government
Like the three corners of your hat

That should make it easier for you to remember.

There's the legislative branch - that would be you
The Executive Branch - that's ... You-Know-Who
And then there's the branch that you call the Ju...
And that's necessary for the

Checks and balances
Checks and balances among the three branches
Three branches of government
Like the three corners of your hat

With me so far?

Now, you can pass a bill, and when you do
It's signed into law by you-know-who
Or vetoed, and then it comes back to you
And you might override it, 
But once it's been decided it's a law

Yes, it's the law of the land, and all the negotiations and compromises have happened already.

Now you may say the law's "Unconstitutional"
Then the Constitution tells us the solution'll be
To take the question of its constitutionality
To the Supreme Court to decide it's ultimate legality

Now you can repeal a law, unless you try 42 times and you don't have the votes. But you can't find a law unconstitutional; that power belongs to the Judicial Branch. And withholding funding from a law you don't like is, in effect, vetoing that law. And funding only certain parts of the law is an attempt to exercise a line-item veto. You don't have the power to veto; that power belongs to the Executive Branch. So, if the Legislative Branch - that's you - usurps the power to determine constitutionality and the veto power, what's really being vetoed is the Rule of Law. And what's really being compromised is the Constitution. Still with me?

So you can pass a bill, and when you do
If you cry "Boo hoo, it's unconstitu...
tional," then try to veto it, well here's a clue:
Your hat only has one point

That's the School the House Rock 
That's the School the House Rock

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Must See: TV Ad on Shutdown featuring WWII Veteran

From Hpost Article:

" Responding to House Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) comment that the GOP is locked in an "epic battle" over funding the government, Ranyard replies, "I was in six epic battles, fighting the Nazis. Congressmen, your shutdown is not an epic battle. It’s bad governance." " -- continued here:

True Hero!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watch: Woman's telekinetic powers completely panics customers in a coffee shop

This has to be the best prank ever. A woman totally freaked out customers in a coffee shop after getting visibly upset, then going all Carrie on them.

This video is actually a publicity stunt for the upcoming new Carrie film, but it's worth watching. Every second of it.

A stuntman is lifted up a wall. Fake walls were installed  and pulleys.

This took place in New York City.