Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fox Pundit: Using Images from James Foley beheading video is ‘perfectly fair’ for GOP campaign ads

Conservative radio host Lars Larson told Fox News on Tuesday that it was “perfectly fair” for Republican candidates to use images from a video in which an American journalist was beheaded.

Larson went as far as to call Obama the 'Playboy president" because he plays golf, which is just like what other presidents have done before him..

New Mexican Republican Senate candidate Allen Weh released the apocalyptic-type video ad on Monday which includes a frame from the video of the ISIS member who beheaded James Foley.

The ad does not include an image of Foley when he met his gruesome death at the hands of a terrorist, but it does use the startling image of the masked killer holding a knife.

 The ad attacks Obama for playing golf, and tries to link Weh’s opponent, Democratic Sen. Tom Udall, to the administration’s foreign policy, according to the Raw Story.

Marjorie Clifton, a former Obama campaign consultant, said that the ad “creates a really distasteful environment in terms of negative campaigning.”

In contrast, Larson called the ad “perfectly fair.” “James Foley’s executioner, the image is very powerful,” he said “It reminds us of something important. A lot of Democrats don’t want to be tied to this president’s policies — although they are — because this president is playing while ISIS is out killing people.” “It isn’t September 10th any more,” Larson added. “It is past Sept. 11th, 2001. It’s a different era. And this president, back when he wanted this job, said, ‘I will give up vacations, I will give up time with my family.’ Well, he’s done anything but. He’s the playboy president.” “So of course, you’re going to see that image played.”

Just a guess here, but if Democrats started using images of the World Trade Center taken as bombs flew into the structures, in a campaign ad, we would never hear the end of it.


Screen grab: Raw Story.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fox News: Referring To Michael Brown As "Unarmed Teen" Might Be Misleading Because He Was Tall

Fox News contributor Linda Chavez appeared on "Fox & Friends" and discussed whether the "unarmed teen" description of Michael Brown is misleading. She argued that such a description enhances racial fears and is an attempt to play the "race card."

 Chavez and co-host Steve Doocy aired surveillance footage from the convenience store that Michael Brown allegedly robbed before his death, and used that footage to argue that describing Brown as an "unarmed teen" at the time of the shooting is misleading.

  Media Matters reports:
In an op-ed Chavez wrote for the New York Post, she argued that "The actual images of Brown on the video surely do not bring to mind a harmless teen." During the segment on Fox, on-screen text asked if the "unarmed teen" description of Michael Brown was misleading while Chavez argued that Brown was an adult male "who is six foot four and weighs almost three hundred pounds":
Chavez said, "I think that what is happening is really not calming racial fears but is actually enhancing them by acting as if, you know, this mantra of the unarmed black teenager shot by a white cop." She continued to say (unfortunately), "You know, that description in and of itself actually colors the way in which we look at this story. We're talking about an 18-year-old man who is six foot four and weighs almost three hundred pounds, who is videotaped just moments before the confrontation with a police officer strong arming an employee and robbing a convenience store."

That tape is not proven and the police were asked not to release it for a reason.

 So apparently it's acceptable to shoot tall people to death. On that note, I'm somewhat tall for a female, so fuck them very much for that. And if I wear heels, I'm a lethal weapon.