Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jon Stewart On Papa John: Let’s stop pretending bosses have transformed into assholes because of Obamacare

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November 14, 2012

Jon Stewart delves into the Republican myth of ‘Job creators.’  Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnattner has come into the spotlight, by taking a political stance just before and now after President Obama was elected. Certainly, not all CEOs are threatening their employees, but a few have come under media attention for lashing out at their employees.  Jon Stewart hits two CEOs for their partisan stance, which resulted in an extreme case of whining publicly.

On last night’s Daily Show, Stewart worked out the real dilemma for Schnatter and his partisan cohorts. “Let’s face the facts,” Stewart says, “Pizza and coal companies are just unlucky enough to have a labor force that can’t be outsourced.”

Stewart adds, “Obamacare is just the latest excuse to wriggle out of the social contract,” Quit with the “I’d love to be able to give employees health care, I just can’t” excuse, he said. Not that they don’t have a legitimate gripe against the president: “If Obama had fought harder for single-payer health care, business owners like you would never have to pay another premium in your lives.”


“That should be easy,” Stewart says,  “take all the millions you donated for partisan political purposes and pump it back into Health Care advances that may ultimately create productivity.”


As reported here, in our first post on Schnatter, Papa John’s CEO is certainly faring well.