Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bill Clinton Likens Mitt Romney to a Contortionist for Cirque de Soleil, tying Himself in Knots

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November 4, 2012

With an exuberant crowd of 24,000 in attendance, former President Bill Clinton took to the stage with his voice hoarse from vigorous campaigning. Clinton stated, “My voice in the service of my president” then stated that the President has done a good job with the economy after being dealt a bad hand.

Touting Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy, Clinton said, “He knows that practical cooperation is better than all this constant ideological conflict. And we saw it didn't we:  We saw it how the president got off the campaign trail and responded to Sandy. And all over America people were thrilled to see him work with the Republican governor of New Jersey and mayor of New York who is an independent.”

“Barack Obama is a proven cooperator”, the former President stated.

Clinton had a few ‘zingers’ for Mitt.

“He knows that a budget based on arithmetic is a lot better than one based on illusion,” he said hitting Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Via ABC: “He’s has tied himself in so many knots,” Clinton said of Romney’s position on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, as one example, “he could be hired as the chief contortionist for Cirque de Soleil.”

Quotes from TPM:
Clinton called the response a “stunning example of how ‘we’re all in this together’ is a way better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own.’”
Former President Bill Clinton said at an Obama campaign event Sunday in New Hampshire that Mitt Romney’s message is, “Be disappointed — forget what caused it.”
Meanwhile campaigning for Mitt Romney: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Gov. Jeb Bush will campaign in Davie, Florida on Monday.

What could go wrong? Romney has surrounded himself with former Bush advisers. As much as Mitt would like to distance himself from the name Bush, he is George W. Bush on steroids.

A possible glance ahead:

Public Policy Polling finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 50-47.  This is the first time either candidate has led by more than 2 points in the three weeks PPP has been doing this survey. So, if this trend continues, Karl Rove will have some splainin’ to do after election day.

Karl Rove is already making excuses for the election — and why not — he’s turned the GOP into the far right wing mess it is today. Dark money has poured into the campaign with a big thanks a fucking lot to Citizens United.

The Tea Party has destroyed any bipartisanship that might have been possible, or even seen a glimmer of light. America is fed up with the juvenility of our constantly bickering Congress. The likelihood of Republicans looking toward Karl Rove for his guidance in the future is dim. Rove is a throwback from the Bush-era and as much as Republicans try to erase that bad episode from our minds, we remember the upset that administration caused to our economy. And Rove is out in force working to get Mitt Romney elected, just as he did for George W. Bush..

The Romney campaign is working hard mimicking Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogan — apparently they have nothing new to offer, so in echoing Obama’s words they hope to cling to his shirttails — meanwhile, the change Romney and Ryan seek to bring forth existed during the Bush administration.

Image: Politico.