Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 55-47 in Ohio, Sherrod Brown 52-47

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November 4, 2012

Public Policy Polling just tweeted, “Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 52-47 on our final Ohio poll. Up 60-39 with early voters.” It’s no wonder Republicans want to eradicate early voting hours.

Sherrod Brown is leading 54 by 44 percent. Brown is a warrior for the middle class and fighting to get Big Money out of politics.  A lot of money is being spent to keep him out of office.

The demographics for early voting can be seen from images, with Governor Scott in Florida purposely discouraging the Democratic vote with extremely long lines — some reporting up to a nine hour wait in line.

Polls by CNN among others, show a tight race between Mitt Romney and President Obama. A Republican has never lost Ohio and won the Presidency — which shows what a critical battleground state it is.  Ohio residents have been besieged by ads, mostly negative.

Dirty tricks are being played in Florida, reminiscent of 2000. If you’re in Florida witnessing the long lines, bring the voters something to drink and a snack. I don’t care if they’re voting Republican or Democrat. Voting is our right, our earned privilege — for everyone.

Vote Wisely.

PPP will be publishing their results soon.