Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sounds familiar: Paul Ryan, "We don’t believe in revenge, we believe in change, in hope"

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November 3, 2012

After President Obama’s speech during a rally in Springfield, Ohio on Friday, in which he interrupted the booing from the audience after House Republicans and Romney were mentioned, stating, “No, no, no — don’t boo, vote. Vote. Voting is the best revenge.” — Mitt Romney seized the moment in a desperate attempt to garner voters in the critical battleground state.

The Romney campaign is on full attack mode, apparently not comprehending the message or perhaps morphing an innocuous comment into pure evil by focusing on the word, ‘revenge.’

Via TPM:

“Vote for revenge?” Romney said. “Let me tell you what I’d like to tell you: Vote for love of country.”

His running mate Paul Ryan referenced Obama’s “revenge” in a speech on Saturday morning in Ohio as well.

We don’t believe in revenge, we believe in change, in hope. We actually do!” he said.

In addition to targeting the quote in speeches, the campaign released a new television ad entitled “Revenge Or Love Of Country” on Saturday featuring clips of Obama’s “revenge” moment and Romney’s response.

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Sound familiar?

Yes, yes he did make an ad:

What’s problematic is that Romney seems to conveniently forget the word, ‘Consequences’. There are consequences in politics. We vote out the rubbish. Our dysfunctional Congress needs to go. These consequences Mitt, are done by voting because of our love for this beautiful country.

Which faction of America is Mitt referring to exactly? Romney claims he will work with both sides of the aisle, but his disdain for the non-elites is well publicized. 

As for Paul Ryan, he practices revenge so I find his statement hypocritical given his past. Paul Ryan attended a clandestine meeting with Republican leaders — each swore to obstruct anything, everything the President tries to accomplish — in lockstep, partisan-style.

That said, tell us again Mitt and Paul Ryan about your plan to work with both sides of the aisle.

Revenge Vote in effect -- for the 47%.