Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After Election results come in, Ole Miss Campus Erupts in a Riot; Racial Slurs, Obama-Biden Signs Burned

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November 7, 2012

While Democrats celebrated, and some Republicans have been reportedly ‘soul searching,’ others are not taking President Obama’s reelection well. In fact, Mitt Romney was gracious in his concession speech, however, others are not following their candidate’s lead.

This amateur video was on YouTube:

On the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Mississippi, protests erupted Tuesday night after the election results came in. The riot’s inception was born from social media outrage then expanded onto the campus. Racial slurs were yelled into the crowd and arrests were made, after reportedly 300 to 400 students participated.

Perhaps the protesters took Donald Trump’s equally crass call for a revolution to heart. That’s what happens when you follow stupidity.

Image: WMCTV.