Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Florida: 12,525 Potential Voters Get Robocalls Saying They Have Until ‘Tomorrow’ to Vote

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November 6, 2012

A lot of dirty tricks are taking place this election cycle. In Florida, a key battleground state, election officials have stated that 12,525 potential voters were telephoned this morning with a message that they had until 7:00pm tomorrow to turn into their absentee ballots, according to The Tampa Bay Times. 

According to a spokeswoman for the Supervisor, the officials used an Internet phone system which records messages reminding people of the deadline. For some ‘unknown’ reason, the calls were placed in a queue, then were not placed until early this morning, which is voting day. According to the Times, there are still 215 potential voters who have not heard the call with the corrected information.

Charlie and Carole Crist were campaigning for President Barack Obama in Tampa on Tuesday morning, when Mrs. Crist’s cell phone showed a call from Pinellas County, the robocall saying polls would open “tomorrow.” “Unbelievable,” said the former governor.

“This Supervisor of Elections should be fired at the next election,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn posted on his Twitter account. Clark is on the ballot and facing re-election.

Another voter receiving the call said it wasn't easy alerting elections officials of the false messages. Going viral on the Internet at this moment is a video of a man at the polls voting for Obama — or rather trying to — but instead a vote for Mitt Romney pops up.

Don’t be discouraged. These instances only shine light on why our vote counts now more than ever — especially with an obviously flawed voting process.

This gives the public another reason to support early voting.

Image: EastHaddam.