Friday, November 2, 2012

Fox’s Steve Doocy hallucinates, “As I remember it” Mitt Romney saved the Auto industry

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November 2, 2012

Speaking on Fox News with Steve Doocy, former Governor of Ohio Ted Stickland spoke of the auto industry being a big part of the state’s economic improvement. Doocy promptly and deceptively afforded Mitt Romney the credit for the bailout, which should have been given directly to President Obama.

One of Mitt Romney’s top advisers said in April that President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler and General Motors was actually Romney’s idea. This is nothing new to any of us. Whatever good the President does, Conservatives heap undue praise on their party, and question Obama’s leadership. What better place to twist words that Romney himself penned in order to magically disappear them from the voters’ eyes than Fox News?

Ohio is vastly important to Republicans. A Republican has never won the Presidency and lost Ohio. Credit is given to their Republican Governor and even Mitt Romney — the same Romney Conservatives couldn't stand just last year.

Ann Coulter said at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, “If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we will lose.”

And now, President Obama and Chris Christie are BFFs. Romney said in an editorial, “Let Detroit go Bankrupt.” President Obama did not bet against America.

Romney is the best the GOP has to offer. Think about it.

Vote Wisely.

Big thanks to Media Matters.