Monday, October 8, 2012

Massachusetts is Fired Up: 63 Percent for Obama, Warren 50 percent

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October 8, 2012

President Barack Obama has a vast lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Massachusetts and the gap is widening by 30 points, according to a new poll by the Western New England University Polling Institute through a partnership with The Republican

Masslive reports:

The poll, conducted Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, finds Obama getting support from 63 percent of likely Massachusetts voters compared to 33 percent for Romney, with 3 percent undecided. The poll does not take into account the impact of the first presidential debate - in which Romney was widely viewed as the winner – since only one night of polling was done after that.

As reported here, the first debate is typically lost to sitting Presidents, so the second debate may be more telling.

Elizabeth Warren (D-Awesome) remains in the lead against Republican Sen. Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. The statistics for the Presidential race may be indicative of a Warren win; the Democratic candidate is ahead 50 percent to Brown’s 45 percent but the race is tight.

The Massachusetts Republican Party sent out a mailer, using Brown’s tactic of attacking Elizabeth Warren for her heritage. Yes, that’s worked out so well in the past.

Warren spokeswoman Julie Edwards responded, “Scott Brown can’t talk about his votes for billionaires and big oil and he certainly can’t talk about how he will give Republicans control of the Senate. So he continues personal attacks on Elizabeth Warren. It won’t work.”