Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump’s ‘Big News’ which will ‘Change the Presidential Race’ is…..absolutely nothing

Article Mirror

October 24, 2012

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is preparing American voters with a “huge” October Surprise regarding President Obama, which he is to release via his Twitter account at 12:00pm EST. Many are speculating that it’s about rumored divorce papers, but the thrice married Trump claims that all rumors are so far false. Perhaps the birther-crazed mogul found the ‘real’ birth certificate, which will likely resemble a badly photoshopped copy?

Or, it could have been another trolling effort for media attention which occurred during the previous October Surprise release by 

While watchers of The Donald’s twitter account speculate,  he has promised that this information will change the course of an extremely close Presidential race.

It’s 12:00 right now.

Let’s check out the information dump on the President.

Here is the not so shocking video:

So, this devastating information, is….nothing — just mountains of Trump-crap. Golly, who knew, besides all of us?


Trump’s Press Release, which also contains nothing.