Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bill Clinton: “We need a Congress that loves it when unemployment drops”

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October 10, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton shared his views on Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s performance in the first Presidential debate, as well as a recent conspiracy theory. Clinton spoke to a sizable crowd of approximately 8,000 gathered in the UC-Davis main quad. Given the dismay expressed by many Republicans, who give in to conspiracy theories, one in particular stating that the new Jobs numbers are ‘skewed’, former President Bill Clinton stated, “I want a president and a Congress that loves it when unemployment drops. I want people that believe that putting people back to work is just as patriotic as putting our troops in uniform.”

And, of course there were jokes. Clinton mocked Mitt’s sudden attempt to appear as a centrist.

One of my main issues with President Obama, is that he hasn't stood up to the obstructionists in the House enough. Clinton would have. Clinton needs to whisper some needed advice into Obama’s ear.

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