Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt’s Blinders: One does not Have to Sift Through ‘Binders’ to find Qualified Women

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October 18, 2012

We do not really have to keep asking what Mitt Romney’s view are on equal pay for women. The answer will be and has been as unspecific as the Republican Presidential candidate’s tax plan.

One thing is certain, without delving into more, Romney has shown no support for the Lily Ledbetter Act. Romney’s comments during the last debate were offensive toward women. One does not have to sift through ‘binders’ — which by the way, were not created by him, as he claimed, but by a women’s group — to find qualified women.

From the creator of  You're so Bain’ we have ‘Romney’s Choice.’ Watch:

In an attempt to be more bipartisan, I did find a female voter for Mitt Romney on the Internet. It was an exhausting effort.

‘Mitt Girl’. Watch:

It’s not really Romney’s choice. It’s yours. Vote wisely.