Monday, October 1, 2012

Michele Bachmann on Obama’s U.N. speech: “He’s trying to speak as Emperor of the World”

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October 1, 2012

After the President’s speech at the U.N. of course Michele Bachmann had to weigh in, since she believes she excels at all things of a Muslim nature. Bachmann’s seat in Congress is already jeopardy, but just to ensure that it becomes more unstable, she added to her host of conspiracy theories.

Right Wing Watch reports:

It almost sounds like he’s trying to speak as “‘Emperor of the World,’ telling the world what to do, as opposed to being the President of the United States who should be adamant and say it’s outrageous that these Islamist countries should be calling on the United States to take away the constitutional protections of the American people. This is very important to think that the United States would restrict speech of Americans. Now the president did talk in his remarks about the fact that we do have a constitutional right to free speech but really the only focus of that speech should have been under no circumstances will the United States ever subvert the Constitution to Sharia law. We didn’t get that kind of a forceful statement from our President.

On The Janet Mefferd Show Bachmann  told the host that Islamic countries may be using “riots and terrorism” to ensure that “Sharia law will dominated over our United States Constitution.” “Our president either doesn’t know what’s happening or he’s playing along with what their goal is,” Bachmann said. “Either option is very dangerous for the free speech rights and the protection and safety of the American people.”

Of course, it’s President Obama’s goal all along to implement Sharia Law in order to take over the world. It all makes sense. In fact, the entire ‘Sharia Law is a comin’ to America’ myth was propagated by Newt Gingrich. The fringe element of the right wing then gobbled it up, believing that our Muslim-Socialist-Commie-Maoist-President-from-Kenya has a nefarious agenda to leash upon the world, only to distract the population as he morphs into the Antichrist.

AP editor Jim Drinkard, who oversees the fact-checking, said in a panel recently: “We had to have a self-imposed Michele Bachmann quota in some of those debates.”

Image: Zimbio