Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ad: Patrick Murphy hits Rep. Allen West, “Performed illegal acts, merited court martial, faced 11 years in prison.”

Article Mirror

October 2, 2012

Rep. Allen West and Patrick Murphy are in the midst of a tight race in Florida’s 18th District. Two polls by both campaigns show completely different results (aka: actually skewed). Murphy released a new video highlighting West’s shady past while serving in the military.

The following ad is in response to West’s ad which his campaign released featuring Murphy’s mugshot from a 2003 arrest for disorderly intoxication.

West panders to the Tea Party, who ironically deem themselves as patriots yet their hero was dishonorably discharged by the military, after shooting a gun next to the head of a detainee. The final Army report stated, he final Army report, West “performed illegal acts…merited court martial…faced 11 years in prison.”