Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poll shows SC7 already going to hell, er, to the Republican Tom Rice

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October 3, 2012

A poll released yesterday by Winthrop University shows Democratic candidate Gloria Bromell Tinubu has a lot of catching up to do in she wants to avoid having the newly created 7th District in South Carolina going straight to hell.

With absentee voting beginning in just three days and the general election barley a month out, Republican nominee Tom Rice has a comfortable lead over Democrat Gloria Bromell Tinubu in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District race, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Rice received 48.9-percent support of likely voters living in the district, while Tinubu garnered 36.2-percent support. Those figures were from a survey of 981 registered voters conducted by Winthrop University from Sept. 23-30, with a margin of error of +/-3.5%, according to a release from the university.

Just over 10-percent of those polled said they were undecided and roughly 2-percent declined to answer the question.

Let’s look and see what Rice has to say about the numbers, shall we?

“We are not going to slow down,” Rice said. “Here’s the thing. People are scare and they have a right to be. The country is heading the wrong direction. People in the 7th District and South Carolina and the country, I think they want change. They want jobs to come back and they want the government off their back. More regulation and more government intervention, that’s what Barrack Obama and my opponent want.”

People are “scare” because you are the ones scaring them, Tom Rice. You and your cohorts promote the government – an entity you wish to be part of  - as the bogeyman. You and your stooges enslave the public to a twisted, untrue rhetoric that benefits rich and screws the working people while getting those working people to vote for you.

Government isn’t on anyone’s back in South Carolina. That’s for damn sure. Republicans have ran this state to the point where it could never be so.

But alas, the people keep falling for the BS spewed by the elite GOP – in power for decades.

In fact, they walked into the new district thinking they already owned it.

His interpretation of government intervention is shameful. We all know what he means. If you receive food stamps, that’s government intervention. Tom Rice doesn't want that – even those who will vote for him will like be on food stamps. That’s sad.

Medicaid? That’s government intervention. Tom Rice will work to limit that.

Medicare? That’s government on your back you, according to Tom Rice, do not need that either.

And it’s also government intervening to dredge the Georgetown port, which is why Tim Scott didn’t get it done.

So, by all means, vote in the person who pals around with the rich to look as if he’s a common man and only visits places like the Georgetown port because it’s a political topic, not an actual job creator.

The 7th District will head in the wrong direction if Tom Rice is elected. The Georgetown port will never be 100 percent operational. Jobs in Georgetown County will be stagnate. Rice will cater to the upper part of the district. Rice will be a carbon copy of all the obstruction the GOP enlists in Congress.

Wrong direction, people? Who do you think controls Congress right now? Who had opportunities to get the Georgetown port dredged?

And you want Tom Rice to be part of that do-nothing mentality?

Go ahead. Fall for it. But please, stop the whining after 2013 when you see Rice is in fact not what he says he is when he wanted your vote.

And we are STILL heading in the wrong direction.