Sunday, October 21, 2012

When Right Wing Sites Attack: McGovern was a piece of crap, may he rot in hell. He needs to welcome Fidel to Hell

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October 21, 2012

When we hear Republicans deem President Obama as a liberal, I find it odd. Obama has been a centrist President, always open to negotiate with our obstructionist Congress. George McGovern, a proud liberal saw our President as a moderate. Mr. McGovern was a proud liberal who had argued fervently against Vietnam War as a Democratic senator from South Dakota, and today, sadly he died. To read what far right wing sites have to say about this iconic anti-war figure, it’s unnerving.

From Glenn Beck’s site, The Blaze::

“Good Riddance, George. you will NOT be missed! The world is a better place without him!”

“he is burning in hell commie”

“These people think they have left a great legacy-and they are special–Well–he is special alright–99% percent of any good American found him a dirt bag—Only God can judge him!!! May he rest in peace.”

“Gone is another dirtbag who turned his back on the first half of his life, in hopes of living the second half of his life in an America with a hammer and sickle on the flag.

“The dead Ted Kennedy welcomes him and introduces him to other 20th century pals, like Lenin and Mao, Kim Il Sung, Che Guevara (yes, he’s dead kiddies) and Fidel.”

“Teddy’s got some more help to shovel the coal into the eternal flames of Hell. Enjoy commie dirtbag.”

“I’ve said it before , and I’ll say it again; One less Obama voter.”

“On the bright side of this, is there is now one less vote for Obama and his social justice Dumbocrats.”

“He needs to welcome Fidel to HELL.”

“One less Democrap. Good riddance.”

“Sorry but one less Government sponge soaking the taxpayer.”

Oh look, someone sane chimed in:

McGovern’s stance on Vietnam was remarkably similar to that of Governor Romney’s stance on Vietnam:

“Well you know when I came back from Vietnam, then I just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody could get…..not only by the generals, but also the diplomatic corp over there.”
-Governor George W. Romney, September 4, 1967

George Romney’s ‘Brainwashing’ – 1967

Governor George W. Romney of Michigan was a leading contender for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination until September 4, 1967, when he told Detroit television newsman Lou Gordon that he had been “brainwashed” by American generals into supporting the Vietnam war effort while touring Southeast Asia in 1965.

Though Romney tried in earnest to explain himself, he became the target of blistering press and partisan attacks. Romney’s candidacy never recovered from the furor he created with his statement.

Another sane voice: 

I am no fan of McGovern’s politics or the way he chose to wield them, but a man who flew 35 combat missions and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross while flying a B-24 during WWII is deserving of respect. We may disagree with each other, but let us not degenerate to the level of others and lose our civility. May God’s grace and peace be with his family.

A couple of responses:

“Sorry I disagree – As a military vet I have known many sleazeballs, Traitors and Communists that have served in the Military. George McGovern is one of them !”

“Hitler fought bravely in war as well. Lets honor Hitler??? McGovern was a piece of crap, may he rot in hell.”

Rest in peace George McGovern. You will be missed by Sane America.

Image: BayNews9