Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Married, anti-gay Evangelical author Dinesh D’Souza of ‘Obama’s America’ is Cheating on his Wife

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October 16, 2012

An emerging scandal surrounding Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative who has been forging ahead with his anti-Obama documentary, surrounds a much, much younger woman, who is not his wife.  Meet D’Souza’s mistress, Denise Odie Joseph II.

D’Souza is a staunch defender of marriage, as long as it’s between heterosexuals. Most evangelical-type defenders of heterosexual marriage, believe that same sex marriage will in fact, destroy all marriages — and sometimes be the cataclysmic effect for the end of the world. Go figure. But, this man, like many anti-gay Conservatives before him, has ruined his own marriage sans help from others being in love and marrying their partner.

His lover/mistress is a twenty something female, with a blog which has been deleted, but welcome to the Internet.

Cached and sent to me courtesy of @Neoblaque. 

Her blog reads, “Go See 2016:Obama’s America and Read the Book Too!”

Yes, it’s certainly Conservative porn, at best. The documentary was brought to you by Citizens United, so, obviously it’s full of propaganda.

The child’s young woman’s blog reads like a rambling mass of spaghetti, never being able to make a connection, still yet, strong in her ideological beliefs.

A small sample, so that you do not think I’m prone to exaggeration. Written ironically under, “Smart Girl Politics:”

RINO men are dangerous men because they traverse the world as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Even when RINO Dads do this unconsciously, they damage their societies. RINO men are out of touch with the very ideology to which they claim to adhere. Among the Ten Conservative Principles the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute lists is the principle of “The Wisdom of the Ages,” #6.  “The past is a great storehouse of wisdom,” it reads, “modern people are dwarfs on the shoulders of giants[iv].” These words go directly to the heart of conservatism—to the veneration of the preservation of traditions that have made our country great. When our men cannot even remember the principled widespread women’s opposition to women’s suffrage because they never even learned about it in the first place, but can instantly recall which American president freed the slaves without also recalling the importance of his most seminal quote—“A house divided cannot stand[v],” our society is in trouble.

A house divided? That reminds of the state of D’Souza’s house right now. Interesting.

Dinesh D’Souza, is President of The King’s College, a well-known Evangelical author and a married man, for 20 years. That’s about the same time, the lady in question has been on this Earth.

D’Souza is a 51 year old man.

Images: From her blog.