Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinesh D’Souza Claims he didn’t know it wasn’t Christian-like to see Another Woman while Married

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October 18, 2012

After the scandal broke of Dinesh D’Souza’s infidelity with a much younger woman, the author of the anti-Obama documentary, denies allegations, by, well, confirming them. D’Souza also resigned Thursday as president of The King’s College, an Rvangelical school based in Manhattan.

D’Souza, a former Christian Today columnist, said he did not know that Christians generally do not approve of engagements prior to divorces being finalized.

“I asked a lawyer whether there was anything wrong in being engaged while separated but prior to being divorced,” he said. “I was told there’s no problem with that and actually that happens all the time. I proposed to Denise and we became engaged.”

“I believe I have good biblical grounds for divorce and was going through the legitimate process,” said D’Souza. “The thing I will admit: I did not have any idea that it is seen as wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced even though separated. … That was a true error of judgment, but it was truly a case where I didn't know better.”

So, we have a Christian, who does not know what the Bible states clearly in print what is right and wrong, but he knows for a fact that President Obama is born in Kenya. Got it.

What’s worse than this scandal, is the mindless hoard of far right wingers, so imbued with hatred toward our President, that the drivel D’Souza writes, is believed, without a doubt. The young woman D’Souza is bedding is young enough to be his granddaughter.

H/T: @HonestyInGov with my thanks.