Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On #Sensata: Rev Jesse Jackson Arrested Protesting Alongside Workers at Bain affiliated Company

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October 24, 2012

On Monday civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson attended the ‘Bainport’ encampment in Freeport, Ill. Jackson expressed to the workers that Sensata is “foreign policy for the greedy” and agreed that they deserved a full severance package from the plant.

Rev. Jesse Jackson continued with the ongoing protest on Wednesday afternoon which resulted in his arrest for civil disobedience.

In total 12 protesters were arrested this afternoon at Sensata Technologies. Sensata management made good on threats of arrests after protesters demanded a meeting with plant management.

The activists include: Rev. Jesse Jackson, representatives from the UAW, Steelworkers, SEIU and NAACP and three Sensata workers.

The protesters’ encampment has been ongoing for some time now. The workers face the hardship of losing 170 jobs at the facility which will be handed over to China.

As reported here, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has refused to speak with Sensata workers after they were forced to train Chinese replacements while Bain Capital outsourced their jobs.

Bain continues to own $2.6 billion worth of Sensata’s shares. Perhaps why Mitt Romney’s tax plan doesn't add up, is he’s confusing Chinese currency with American.

While Mitt Romney refuses to speak with American workers, whose jobs are being outsourced, the Republican Presidential candidate, is vilifying President Obama over, ironically…China.

Image: ViaMe.