Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yes Paul Ryan is ‘Better off’: since 2008 he’s become a multimillionaire

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September 16, 2012

The Romney campaign is posing the question, “Are you better off?” — in contrast to 2008 —  to likely voters and we’ve previously reported the answer for them, however, let’s take a look at the politicians asking the question and their Republican colleagues. Our members of Congress are doing exceedingly well — especially those that oppose raising tax revenue. Since we are not privy to Mitt Romney’s tax returns, we’ll review his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan.

War on Error reports the stats on Daily Kos, beginning with Ryan.

PAUL RYAN, Yes, he’s better off today.

2008 Net Worth:     From $790,093 to $2,830,000
2010 Net Worth:     From $927,100 to $3,207,000

Since 2008 Paul Ryan has become a multimillionaire.

And John Boehner?  Yes, he’s better off today!

2008 Net Worth:     From $1,700,021 to $6,626,000
2010 Net Worth:     From $2,099,107 to $6,085,000

Mitch McConnell? Yes, he’s better off today!

2008 Net Worth:     From $2,002,038 to $31,955,998
2010 Net Worth:     From $9,839,049 to $44,587,000

Eric Cantor?  Yes, he’s better off today!

2008 Net Worth:     From $1,853,155 to $6,707,999
2010 Net Worth:     From $2,893,110 to $8,048,999

War on Error goes down the list reviewing every member of our vastly wealthy Congress.

It’s hugely arrogant to be a staunch supporter of Mitt Romney’s — the man with no plan — while denying our economy the fuel it needs by way of tax revenue. Additionally pompous, is asking the middle class if they are better off, while knowing full well that the ‘trickle down’ effect is actually piss raining down on the poor, while padding the already over abundant wallets of the wealthy.

Romney stated recently that “middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less” when in fact, Census Bureau data shows that median household income is: $50,054. While the Republican candidate insists that reports are “garbage” which conclude that his tax plan would raise taxes on the middle class, I suggest that Romney doesn’t know what middle wage earners are, or where they fall in regards to income status.

Now back to Mitt Romney’s elusive tax returns, since he’s the politician posing the question.

When you cut off a Hydra’s head, more grow back. We need to fix the problem and in this case, it’s now a fully grown Hydra with many, many heads. Vote wisely. Register to Vote.