Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bernie Sanders on Mitt’s 47 percent remark: Hard working people don’t need to be lectured by millionaires

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September 19, 2012

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Awesome) appeared on the Ed Show Tuesday night to discuss Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s controversial statements made while speaking at a luncheon filled with millionaires.

Mother Jones published several secret videos which display Mitt Romney’s disdain for the non-elites. As cocktail glasses clinked in the background, Romney deemed 47% of America to be populated with moochers of the government.

Ed asks Sanders if Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remark was accurate and there is no better politician to ask. Sanders has always been a consistent warrior for the middle class.


Sanders said, “What really galls me is, we’ve got millions of people in this country who come from families like my own – working class families – people who have worked hard their entire lives, working 50-60 hours per week and now they’re on Medicare — now they’re on Social Security and they’re being lectured that they have got to take personal responsibility and care for their lives. Being lectured by him. This speaks of an extraordinary arrogance on the part of Romney and his ruling class friends.”

Continuing on Sanders added, “As if people on Medicare and Social Security are inferior human beings who need guidance — who are not smart enough to take personal responsibility for their lives and care for their lives. What does it tell us about his attitude toward the vast majority of people?”

“People in this country work harder than people in any other industrialized country on Earth. They don’t need to be lectured by millionaires and billionaires about the work ethic that the fulfill.”

To be sure, folks who have worked a lifetime, do not need a room full of elites deeming them to be unworthy. Those divisive comments made by Romney while in his comfort zone, are even keeping Republicans at bay — distancing themselves over his disdain for half of our country.

To have this Republican candidate as president of our great country is to have our nation treated as if it’s a business and Romney is the CEO. The problematic area in this thought is that the people do not work for the President. The President works for the people — all of the people.