Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hypocrisy Alert: Texas AG praises court for upholding Voter ID law, “court rejected the ACORN affiliates”

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September 28, 2012

The North Carolina Republican Party just fired the voter registration firm owned by Mitt Romney’s paid political consultant and longtime GOP operative, Nathan Sproul. Sproul has been working with the RNC for years and now, 10 counties in Florida alone are reporting fraudulent registration forms.

Adalia Woodbury from PoliitucsUSA reports:

Yesterday, the RNC, along with State Republicans in Florida, North Carolina and Colorado, fired Nathan Sproul’s firm following reports that 106 questionable voter registration forms were submitted to Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher by a Strategic Allied Consulting employee. That investigation is now mushrooming with ten counties reporting possibly suspect forms.

Sproul was hired by the Bush Campaign to register Republican voters and misplace or destroy Democratic voters in 2004.  For his services, Sproul was paid eight million dollars.

The firm was hired at the request of the Republican National Committee – Sproul is infamous for having committed fraud by tampering with Democratic voter registration forms and suppressing votes.

Wral reports, “Sproul was hired by the Romney campaign for a period of five months that began last November and ended in March. But now there’s evidence that the payments continued, only to a different name.”

Voter ID Laws have been sweeping America, conveniently just before the Presidential election. ACORN, the organization, which became notorious after highly edited tapes were created by James O’Keefe and the now deceased Andrew Breitbart, never destroyed registration forms.

But, since they have already besmirched ACORN’s name already, Texas Attorney General, is going to roll with that. 

On Project Vote’s site:

Earlier this month, Project Vote filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the justices to intervene and prevent the state from enforcing laws that place undue burdens on voter registration drive. Yesterday, the court denied the emergency appeal.

“The most important issue is that several million Texans are still not registered to vote. Texas law should make it easier, not harder, for community members to help one another to register.

“Americans have been fighting for fair access to the ballot box since the birth of our democracy. Project Vote will continue to fight these burdensome Texas laws in court and we look forward to having a full hearing at the Fifth Circuit later this year. We are optimistic that, ultimately, these restrictions will be stuck down as they have been in other courts around the nation.”

Texas AG’s response:

Last night the U.S. Supreme Court denied Project Vote’s emergency request to block Texas from enforcing election integrity laws that were enacted to prevent voter-registration fraud. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s denial of Project Vote’s appeal:

“The Supreme Court’s rejection of Project Vote’s appeal is a victory for voter integrity and helps Texas prevent fraud in the voter-registration process. The partisan groups that challenged these laws were founded by and affiliated with ACORN – an organization that was notorious for voter-registration fraud. With this ruling, the court rejected these ACORN affiliates’ attempts to circumvent election integrity laws and helped ensure that Texans can have confidence in the integrity of their elections.”

(My bold)

The hypocrisy in this man’s statement is through the roof. Note that pundits and journalists have shied away from asking Mitt Romney what exact affiliation he has had with Sproul — and why. ACORN was attacked because Republicans believed the organization to lean heavily toward Obama. Where in the fuck is James O’Keefe? I’m sure he’ll be all up in this. Any moment now.

Meanwhile, Tea Party groups are working overtime, intimidating voters at the polls, in a feigned attempt to seek out illegal voters. And all of this trouble for a fairy tale. Republicans have been touting Voter ID laws while purging actual voters, all in the name of voter fraud — which is almost nonexistent.

Still yet, Republicans are purging voters in Colorado and Florida, which target largely Democrat and independent registered voters — mainly the elderly and minorities.

What they’ve unearthed: 

“Officials uncovered that less than one-tenth of 1 percent of voters are potentially unqualified to vote. These findings drastically downgrade Republican fears of voter fraud from the tens of thousands of noncitizens officials originally estimated.”

Vote wisely. Register to Vote.