Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Into the Rabbit Hole: A Letter to My Conservative Brother

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September 9, 2012

The following is a message response to the last email, in a series of emails, I received, this morning from my older brother in Oklahoma.

The specific email, with attached copy of a video by someone going on about “Obama Failed”, was forwarded to me, as well as my two sisters. All of the messages were of the type  that people send out to incite each other…The typical bullshit in political form that grabs like-minded partisans and makes us feel like we are part of a clique…

Now my brother is not the usual political type.  He hates change and he does, at times, get into the mood to forward some…uh…”interesting”, if not wild stuff.

After a number of these emails, I felt the need to fire back but had to pull away from the “you are full of shit” response…

The following is the reply I sent  5- 6 hours later:

Let me start this off with……

1.  I am a socialist – in the purest form.  Not the fear mongered epithet screeched by the Koch addicted, or the willfully ignorant, narcissistic angst ridden or the self-absorbed holders of the self-anointed God-King Ronnie, of the Bottle Red hair and Red Scare –  the  Neo-Liberal joke and paramour of Maggie in unholy destruction of anything remotely considered “democracy” on the planet within their reach; the neo-fasces waving now called neo-conservative,  tarot-lovin’, horoscope fetished, anti-human misogynist with brain bubbles, promoter of sedition as well as treason and destroyer of the USA  to include the destruction of:
  • Mental Health in the US creating the HUGE homeless population now populating all parks, beaches and center cities (except Denver where it is now a felony to be poor),
  • Education in the US setting up a system to dumb down all Americans in order to control and fleece them as part of a protracted WAR on the Middle Classes,
  • Worker’s Rights in the US by busting Unions, destroying regulations of business and gutting programs that protected workers,
  • dismantling regulations that protected the people in order to promote the 1% top money hoarders to include himself,
  • security, freedom and liberty through the lies of a delusion emboldened by fear-mongering of boogeymen that NEVER existed; through the promotion of hate, divisiveness and willful ignorance and  AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM that eats away at the freedom created by self-awareness/social awareness, self-acceptance/social acceptance, and self-actualization/social actualization.
But I digress….

I am a  Socialist – believer in government for no other purpose than as a representation of the people and, as such, set on this planet to do NO MORE THAN provide for the people;  All people are part of the process and the process is all part of the ONE.  (and regardless what you would, could hear or have heard from the likes of Reagan, Mussolini, Franco, Romney, Bush – to include Prescott, GHW & GW, Jebby, Neil & Marvin, Roberts, Ryan, Inhofe, Scalia, KOCH, Ailes, Murdock and the rest of the Neo-Con/Neo-liberals  thieving from the planet, …………….corporations are not people )

2.  I am a Universal Pantheist – not Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Pagan, Lao Tzu -ist, Confucius-ist.  I, like Spinoza, Einstein, Jung before me, believe in the Universal ONE and all as a representation of that Universal One – to be accepted through its awesome radiance or rejected through fear; embraced or acted out against.  As a Pantheist, I cannot BE anything BUT a socialist – full bore, balls to the wall, soaring and shrieking  - Screaming and tearing –  Fear be damned – Fuck y’all Socialist.

NOW, as a pure bred Socialist and Universal Pantheist (and believer in all the manifestations of that One from the Universal Cosmos to the reflection in our plane of existence as the Buddha. Maitreya, The Kwan-Yin, Krishna, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and the rest of the Brahman, the one called Yosua – or as the Dan puts it, Jesus H Christ, his own self), I hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident………
  • All peoples of the planet are equal in ALL things – from the untouchable in the slums of Calcutta to the Manses on South Hampton; from the drought stricken death camps in Southern Sudan to the hell holes created by your country for the purpose of torture and murder in your name.
By the by…Black Sites were created by the CIA and sanctioned by Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and fully institutionalized under Bush 2, destroying the very essence of the Constitution and the U.S. Code – The Law of this nation.  Though, Obama declared all Black Sites to be closed, we have caught both the military and the CIA starting them and moving them around a bit from the SALT Mines of Afghanistan  to Morocco to Egypt and we are now out-sourcing torture.   Before the “Bah” response… The US has been torturing for over 200 years.  Waterboarding may have been invented by the Chinese but water torture has been used throughout our history and that is just one we have used from Valley Forge to Andersonville; From Kansas to Texas;  From Arizona to the Greasy Grass;  DaNang to the Mekong River Delta; North Carolina to Guantanamo and Bagram as well as Abu Ghraib………But I digress
  • All people have the right of and equal right to free speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • All people have the right to the use of the land – home ownership is a sham created to manipulate the people into believing they hold something they cannot hold and to pay billions to wealthy hoarders in order to promote their delusion.
As a side, this is coming from a Real Estate Broker – not Realtor.  Two levels above Realtor in the state of Colorado with equal reciprocity in 26 of 50 states, some of the remaining states raise me another level once tested out ,  and some others – to include NY – require one to be an attorney in order to transfer property; Louisiana throws it  out  because they are based on French law requiring an understanding of French law – the only state in the Union based on anything other than POME – “Prisoner of Mother England” – law.   No citizen of the U.S. owns any land as no person in any nation owns land.  Enough said…more than willing to show anyone how they do not own their land. Takes 5 minutes and your title commitment.  That’s for starters – The rest…All the land is for the USE of all creatures and not the destruction thereof….But I digress
  • Government of the people, by the people and for the people is pure Socialism -This is the basis of all Socialist thought.  There is nothing of government that is not to be of direct assistance and support of all the people.  All needs of the people should be socialized.  Government is there only to manage and assure all those needs guaranteed for LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of happiness (education, technology, infrastructure from roads to utility transfer) actually do meet the needs of the people - Not life on terms of corporate pricks scamming with “insurance” or “medical care” or “private hospitals”; banks, credit card companies, privately held groceries, or any other NEED.
Let’s do another aside here.  Energy companies take public held minerals and water – oil, gas, coal, shale, geo-thermal, uranium, water – and sell them BACK to the public after being processed through taxpayer funded refineries, hydrothermal plants, geo-thermal plants, coal burning plants.  The oil is sold on the open market, not used by the US – no matter what you think, the oil taken from the ground in the US is NOT always used here….oil used for energy and equated with “energy independence” is a  lie, for the benefit of the oil companies – like taking, not paying for it, TAKING, the food you grow in your garden, selling it at inflated prices to the bank of food held by those companies throughout the planet.  Then that food is parceled out at a rate chosen by the group of companies, shipped BACK to the US and refined and sold back to you at 100% +++++ the value after being treated in a taxpayer subsidized refinery and shipped on taxpayer funded highways and pipelines and in a taxpayer funded station….But I digress….

Now, darlin’, ya want to send me some little  thang on “Obama failed”…Huh?

Obama is part of the false paradigm and as insignificant to the real issues of this country as the color of the sky is to the health and welfare of your lovely, smart and talented family….

I can wax poetically about the virtue of the first Black Man to be put in the WH that can walk through the front door;  I can show you the facts as to how the GOP,  to include those elected officials holding national office (House, Senate, Judge) from the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, (Robert Draper, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do“) set out on the day of Obama’s inauguration,  to assure he failed and how, through cronyism and out-right criminality, they assured the people in this nation wouldn’t get a decent night’s sleep because they would rather see you and your family living in the street than let that black guy as POTUS do a fucking thing.  But it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference because the entire thing is a false paradigm….

Love to all,
Your pain in the ass,  Sistah Sister and Full On psycho-bitch from  the “dark side”