Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rachel Maddow obliterates the new Republican ‘fantasy electorate’ of the ‘skewed polls’ myth

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September 26, 2012

The Romney campaign, other Republicans and of course, Fox News claim that polls showing President Obama with an advantage over their candidate are inaccurate. It’s another conspiracy theory being propagated by the right, or perhaps a strong sense of denial — but in either case, Republicans realize that Mitt Romney’s campaign is sinking fast.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC took on the task of obliterating that myth — while including a small poll taken by Romney donors all displaying no anticipation for a Romney win.

Be sure to watch the second half of Maddow’s clip too, which wreaks of Republican desperation.

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The ironically named Unskewed polls – after a little mathematical gymnastics — concluded that the difference is the sample and/or the weighting, and their results show Mitt Romney is ahead by a decent margin in every single poll.

I’d prefer to have the public believe that Obama is behind to get voters registered and at the polls. Perhaps Republicans that embrace this myth of skewed polls, have not read notable Conservative Peggy Noonan’s scathing columns on Mitt Romney

“The pendulum has swung toward Obama.” Mitt Romney has “a damaged political persona.” He is running behind in key states like Ohio and Virginia and, to a lesser extent, Florida. The president is reversing the decline that began with his “You didn’t build that” comment. For three weeks he’s been on a roll. The wind’s at his back.

Do Conservatives seriously believe that the female vote is actually in Romney’s favor? African Americans? Hispanics? If that had any semblance of truth to it, why did Romney allegedly wear bronzer before speaking to an Hispanic audience?