Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Real Danger to America is not Foreign Terrorists but Domestic Morons

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September 13, 2012

What creates such hate and fear in any human that would lead him to incite hate, fear and violence, leading to murder and potential planetary war?

As America prepared for the anniversary of  ”September 11,” re-living, re-wounding and ruminating over the events of eleven years ago – Watching the repeats of every conceivable video ever created of that morning in 2001 – another attack, by “Americans” this time, against peace and the planet was well underway.

A video, released on You Tube, “created” by a fantasized “filmmaker” named “Sam Bacile” (or “Youssef M Basseley” according to the call put out by Pharoah Voice, Inc” in 2011 , now determined to be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, convicted felon, acting out his blood-lust and hate, or any number of people who have been flushed out of the gutter on this sleazy promotion of world wide “snuff”) and his friends carried out an attack of their own.  The release of the video called “Innocence of Muslims” in an attempt to create rage throughout the volatile and newly formed nation states from the “Arab Spring.”

Whether the “riots” and “protests” in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and breaking out throughout the Islamic world, are pre-planned, using the film as an excuse or motivator in order to set off unrest and divisiveness, the result is the same.  That end result is bloodshed, fear, anger and hate.

Islamophobia is alive and thriving in America…………….

And they are winning the War on peace and freedom.

This poorly made schlock masquerading as “film” was a scam from the outset.  A “company” set up in 2011 under Youssef Bassley, a dubious character - convicted fraudster - who promoted a Casting Call in August of last year for his “film”, “Desert Warrior”.

The Call:
Historical desert drama set in Middle East. Indie Feature film shoots 18 days in L.A. in August. Studio and backlot locations. 
Male Roles: DR. MATTHEW (Lead): Middle Eastern Pharmacist, 40-50, intelligent, family man; GEORGE (Lead); 40-50, Middle Eastern warrior leader, romantic, charismatic; YOUNG GEORGE (featured) 18-22; PRIEST (featured): 60-70, bearded; ABDO (featured), 60-70, Elder tribe leader; ISRAELI MEN 30-50 (featured); WARRIORS (featured) 18-50, Various Middle Eastern types, bearded. 
Female Roles: CONDALISA (featured) 40, attractive, successful, strong willed; HILLARY (featured) 18 but must look younger, petite; innocent; YOUSTINA (featured) 16-18, Daughter of doctor; MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN (Various Featured Roles) 18-40, attractive, exotic; OLDER WOMAN (featured) 60-70, feisty. 
Please place Role desired in SUBJECT: line of email.
Indicate SAG or NON-SAG”
The actors were duped into believing the script was about a lead character named “George” but, upon release, they found their 18 days on back lots and with poorly produced cheap green screen, produced a piece of historic revisionism that even Leni Riefenstahl and her mentor, Josef Goebbels, would have found pathetic.

But like, the work of Riefenstahl, this film had a purpose and that purpose was to enrage and inflame, unifying people behind a message derived from spinning history into the most heinous and fantastic lie possible in order to promote the subject as a warring, thieving pedophile – The signature of the Religious zealots and islamophobes of the world.

TREATING  the religion of Islam exactly as Goebbels treated Islam’s sister “of the Book”, Judaism

That fantastic fiction in immature and unprofessional video-making is exactly the type of vitriolic pap promoted by the likes of Neo-conservative Islamophobe,  former Project for a New American Century Founding “Father” and founder of Center for Security Policy,Frank Gaffney and his proteges in paranoia, Representative Michele Bachman (R-MN) and  Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) promoting their current Muslim Witch Hunt;   promoted by the propagandists at “WikiIslam”; pushed by the likes of Neo-Conservative, PNAC member, former Bush-ite and misogynist anti-Muslim xenophobe, John BoltonPamela Geller (and her love-child the Anti-Mosque campaign as well as her continued hate-mongering in print and on FOX), Anti-Muslim, self proclaimed “Christian” activist Steve Klein and his band of paranoid xenophobes, Terry Jones - the preacher of hate and divisiveness (who ran out to LA to be in the limelight of like-kind);  and a host of other hate-mongers slithering out from the filthy recesses of fear,  hate and narcissism to promote their “American Exceptionalism”.

The film was met with little response in the US but, in the world already shaken with the newness of people standing their ground against oppressive regimes; in  lands still building from the people’s revolution against horrendous, torturous and corrupt regimes, it is the perfect vehicle to incite destruction. Al-Qaeda is on the run but not gone and they are not giving up without a fight; Extremists in every Middle Eastern country are jockeying for a foothold just like the rest of the people trying for a “voice”.

Now we hear that poor little producer is on the run and afraid of retaliation.  He is claiming “he is not responsible” for the slaughter of a strong, determined and peaceful man who accepted the job of assisting Libya to develop a government free of Quadaffi; He isn’t “to blame” for the murder  and destruction that is breaking out across North Africa and the middle east.

Ain’t that somethin’.

Nope, not responsible for the perfect propaganda piece expressing nothing but hate and lies in order to promote hate and lies.

Unfortunately, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s  denials aren’t going to work with anyone with 2 brain cells that can still create a synapse knows that your ideologue’s porno piece was meant for the sole purpose of inciting hate but you are not the only one responsible for the events that butchered 4 Americans in Benghazi, to include Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens,  and dozens of Libyans; that set off riots in the streets across the Middle East.

The US has its own role in this history in the making. We are responsible for our actions against Iran as early as 1953; actions against Iraq; support of repression and oppression throughout the planet; the use of extraordinary rendition against thousands of private citizens in other countries;  use of torture to set intelligence and create a false paradigm;  use of Guantanamo and Bagram to imprison innocent men, women and children who become a “threat” or are used to create a “perceived threat” to “national security”; and  refusal to hold those people accountable who are guilty of crimes against humanity……..

More importantly,  each and every American is responsible  for allowing people,  who are no more than narcissists promoting fear and bigotry, to have a role in this government of the people; to give them forum for spewing the most evil kind of hate; and for denying our actions against others.

In light of our 11th anniversary of 9/11 as well as the election of the 45th president of the United States, isn’t it time for all of us  to be accountable?

(Title is a quote of a comment made this morning by John Fugelsang. Thank you Mr Fuglesang for your wisdom and ascerbic wit )

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