Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney camp to get into ‘specifics’, meanwhile Paul Ryan says tax reform specifics will be worked out with Congress

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September 17, 2012

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney needs to have a sit-down with his vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan. Apparently, the duo are inflicted with communication issues.

Romney adviser Ed Gillespie in order to negate claims that the campaign is in disarray stated , We do think the timing is right to reinforce more specifics about the Romney plan for a strong middle class,” said Gillespie, calling the move “more of a natural progression” than any re-tooling of the campaign.”

But, Paul Ryan said earlier, “We have to be able to work with Congress on those details….” when referencing the Romney/Ryan tax plan. Romney and Ryan’s message contrasts once again, much like Mitt’s pro-choice, pro-life, sometimes this, sometimes that approach.


Ryan told Brody that instead of dictating a specific plan to Congress, a Ryan administration would join Congress to “work on the loopholes that are enjoyed by the higher income earners, take away their tax shelters so more of their income is subject to taxation. That lowers everybody’s tax rates.”

Specifics? Pshaw Ryan says!

As for being specific, if team Romney is referring to their new ad in bringing out details, they failed miserably, but the ad should appease the right wing voter base. The 30 second ad is vague, while hitting on right wing talking points. It’s completely devoid of specifics.

What Romney needs to address is his tax plan. A nonpartisan group analyzed it, concluding that the tax burden will be shifted from high earners, to the middle class. Romney called it, “garbage” but again, never went into ‘specifics’.

To get into specifics, the middle class is disintegrating. There is an overwhelming disparity in incomes between the classes, and Romney wants to widen the gap. Specifically.

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