Friday, September 7, 2012

Paul Ryan, “This is the most partisan atmosphere I have ever seen” (forgets he built that)

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September 7, 2012

Before the negative ads roll out — and the Romney campaign will be releasing an extraordinary amount after the President was nominated Thursday night, to the tune of $100 million — let’s take this on. Paul Ryan recently stated that the current political environment is the “most partisan atmosphere” he’s “ever seen” over the three administrations he’s worked for. Ryan selectively forgets, he ‘built that.’

Ryan stated:
“Remember the line, we’re not red states, we’re not blue states but we’re the United States of America?” the vice presidential candidate said referring to President Obama. “I want to be a uniter, not a divider? I tell ya, I’ve served with three presidents since I have been in Congress, this is the most partisan atmosphere I have ever seen. This is not uniting, this is dividing.”
At a fundraiser Ryan stated:
"We have someone who went far to the left so it’s a different kind of approach or philosophy of the role and goal of government.”
On a side note, that noise you’re hearing is a resounding facepalm echoing from the heavens. Moving on…

How does Paul Ryan define the line between moderate and ‘far left’. Well, if we review Ryan’s far, far (did I mention far?) right wing history, it’s not a stretch to assume that the Wisconsin Congressman would find even Ronald Reagan to be a leftist.

The focus should be on how far to the right Ryan is.

Ryan criticized Democrats for “being against God before they were for him.” (Said the Ayn Rand devotee). So, leftist Christians are against God because we firmly believe in that little thing called, ‘Separation of Church and State’ — that’s another ‘concept’ which is a radical leftist idea to the young ideologue. Ryan belongs next to Mitt Romney. The Republican Presidential candidate believes “some” Americans have taken the separation of church and state too far, “well beyond its original meaning.”

Paul Ryan voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act — apparently equal pay is a ‘far left’ concept to the 42 year old Congressman.

Paul Ryan isn’t simply ‘pro-life.’ Ryan is the poster boy for ‘Personhood’, which gives rights to Zygotes over a potential rape victim, or incest survivor.

Paul Ryan doesn’t simply oppose Planned Parenthood, but in his line of thinking, he would prosecute women for having abortions. Meanwhile, Ryan’s radical extremism, could be the demise of a program which affords women’s health services to rural areas where there are none.

Women’s health is now a radical left issue. Got it.

Ryan’s view on marriage equality  – and opposing the repeal of DADT — is stuck in a time warp, as if Ryan got tossed in the TARDIS and was sent hurling back through time to a previous century.

I could point by point illustrate a lengthy list of each of Ryan’s radical ideas, but more telling of his lack of bipartisanship skills is the oath he took on the eve of our newly minted President’s inauguration.

As reported here, new excerpts of a highly revealing book were published, highlighting the clandestine meeting with Republican leaders in attendance, led by GOP Whip Eric Cantor in 2008. Paul Ryan, the ideological rock star of the right and newly minted veep choice for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also attended — each swore to obstruct anything, everything the President tries to accomplish — in lockstep, partisan-style.

Betrayal, can you say it, mother fucker?