Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New ad: Obama campaign hits Mitt Romney over his 47 percent remarks

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September 18, 2012

It doesn’t take long for the Obama campaign to respond to each of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s gaffes, but in this case, the secret tapes made public display a seemingly arrogant demeanor by the former governor over his thoughts regarding 47% of the electorate while speaking to his millionaire peers, while seeking donations.

The 47% statement which poured out of Mitt’s mouth — and right into a hidden video recorder — prompted the Obama campaign to ask Americans for their reaction, “Recently, Mitt Romney held a high dollar fundraiser behind closed doors,” text from the ad reads. “We asked Americans what they thought about what he said to his donors.”

One woman answered, “I actually feel sick to my stomach.”

A Romney surrogate attempted to defend Romney’s divisive claim today stating,“When you’re off the record, at a private event, you are less careful than when you are at a public event.” He went on to say that the statements are “unimportant” to “what really matters to people.”

The fact is, no one wants a handout — some may just need a helping hand.

We are the 47%.