Sunday, June 2, 2013

Police dog jumps 8 feet, disarms drunk man brandishing an ax, spits the ax out, detains the suspect

Adrian Dowdall, was in a drunken state as he brandished an ax  and threatened to hurt a police dog. Rossi, the police dog jumped 8 feet and grabbed the ax from the man, then dropped the ax and held his arm to stop him from escaping. 

Rossi is not trained to disarm attackers, however, his handler believes that he may have mistaken the ax for a toy. PC Matt Rogers said, 'When I deployed him I expected him to get hold of the man. He's not trained to disarm. He's just trained to go and detain him. I don't know what goes off sometimes in his head."

36 year-old Dowdall will be spending 160 days in jail. 

BBC reports:

"I identified myself as a police officer and challenged him to drop the axe."He made threats to harm the dog. He kept coming towards me and held it aloft in his right hand in a threatening manner."
PC Rogers then deployed Rossi.
The dog has leapt up, taken hold of the axe, spat the axe out and detained the male... got hold of him by his left arm," he said. "I've then joined him. We had a bit of a roll around on the floor, with me and the dog. He is resisting arrest, and eventually I've managed to handcuff him."

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