Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fox News Host: Robbery Video Suggests Ferguson 'Officer Was Justified' In Killing Mike Brown

On Sunday, Fox News host Juliet Huddy suggested that the Ferguson Police Department in Missouri was right to release video of a robbery, even though the Department of Justice asked them not to, because it could convince protesters that the "officer was justified" when he killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown.
Her co-host reacted to FBI agents investigating the shooting without noting the Ferguson police department's history of racism. While discussing whether the tape should have been released, the Fox talkers did not ackhowledget that that tape sparked anger in the community because the police chief attempted to blame the deceased teenager for his officer shooting him dead.


  Aside from that, when has it ever been OK to shoot someone down for stealing a pack of cigars? Cliven Bundy owes $1.2 million and he's alive and well, with militia members at his side. None of the militia members who aimed rifles at federal agents were shot down but Mike Brown is dead.