Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Protester Blasts Fox Reporter: 'Say That Sh*t' (Video)

After a Fox News correspondent referred to the latest round of violence in Ferguson, Mo. as "child's play," he was confronted by a protester.

 Steve Harrigan made some jaw dropping statements in describing the scene to anchor Shepard Smith.

 "This is right now a media event, pure and simple. This is people running towards tear gas, running away from it," Harrigan said.

"The dignified protesters went home at dusk. This is just child’s play right now."

A  demonstrator confronted Harrigan on the air saying, "Say that shit! No, say that shit,!"

"I'm on TV right now," Harrigan responded

."I don't give a damn. Ya'll on TV. I don't care about that shit," the man shot back. 

"Uh oh, "Shep  Smith could be heard saying from the Fox studio.

TPM reports, " It continued from there. Harrigan tried to diffuse the situation, telling the man that he had no interest in arguing. But the man continued to berate the correspondent before walking away. "

Watch courtesy of Mediaite:


 Image: TPM