Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eric Holder Sends Message To Ferguson On Eve Of Visit

Evidence in the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer will be presented to a grand jury beginning Wednesday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

 "We are going to attempt to start giving evidence to the grand jury (Wednesday), depending upon the ability to get the witnesses in and the witnesses showing up," sa Ed Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said.

"It will be handled by the attorney regularly assigned to the grand jury. It will not be by Mr. McCulloch."

According to the Dispatch,  The standing St. Louis County Circuit Court grand jury, not a special assembly, will hear the evidence.

I can't imagine what witnesses would step forward in a city that already distrusts law enforcement.

 On the eve of Eric Holder's visit, he wrote a message to the people of Ferguson.

 The Attorney General said that he has dedicated an extraordinary effort to investigate the shooting.

 "The Justice Department will defend the right of protesters to peacefully demonstrate and for the media to cover a story that must be told," Holder wrote. "But violence cannot be condoned. I urge the citizens of Ferguson who have been peacefully exercising their First Amendment right to join with law enforcement in condemning the actions of looters, vandals and others seeking to inflame tensions and sow discord."

Those witnesses had better step up because the police are all over this.
H/T: The amazing @CarlaAkins with thanks.