Friday, September 12, 2014

Sarah Palin To Hannity: 'John McCain Should Be Our President'

Half-term Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin (R-Drunk)) joined Sean Hannity on his show Thursday night to respond to President Obama's strategy to combat ISIS. Noticeably absent from her word salady message was any response over the drunken brawl her family was involved in.

 Because if she feels that John McCain should be president, then she thinks she would make a worthy vice president, and typically low info street brawlers are frowned upon in elected office.

 Palin decried the "arrogance" and "deception" of the Obama administration. "[Obama] claimed last night that ISIS is not Islamic. Um, ISIS says they're Islamic. They are so full of deception that America should be absolutely concerned with the policies that are going on," she said.

"The thought going through my mind was, I owe America a global apology. Because through all of this, John McCain should be our president. He had the advice - still giving it today to Barack Obama but he will not listen to it - about the residual forces that must be left behind in order to secure the peace in Iraq that we had fought so hard for. He was right on the surge," Palin said.

 I'm not sure why she's apologizing unless she's admitting that McCain's choice of veep was a poor one.