Friday, September 5, 2014

Conservative Blogger Unearths 'Insane' Pics Of Mike Brown Just Being A Teenager

Charles C. Johnson, a blogger who runs GotNews and previously contributed to the Daily Caller and Breitbart, has been on a roll lately trying to besmirch the Brown family, including Michael, the slain Ferguson, Missouri teenager.

 After filing requests to see Michael Brown‘s alleged juvenile crime records, and coming up empty, he suggested hacking the deceased teenager's social media accounts.
Today he writes on his site, " has exclusive obtained social media postings of Michael Brown that destroy the media narrative that Brown was nonviolent." For some reason, he added the 'GotNews' watermark on the pictures, as if he owns the rights to them, even though they are from the late Michael Brown's account."

He called this pictures 'insane.' No, really.

 Did Charles C. Johnson hack Michael Brown's Instagram account? That would be considered illegal if he did. The big dummy even added captions, such as, "Mike Brown getting ready to bust a cap selfie."


 The caption for this one reads, "Mike Brown showing his Trayvon style black hoodie."

OMG, Mike Brown's hoodie is BLACK!


 Now he's really uncovered something that will rock the foundation of Mike Brown's shooting death: Mike wore jewelry.  Johnson captions this one, "Mike Brown sporting some bling bling."

 I wear some jewelry, too. Please don't shoot me Charles. My hands are up, mmkay? As it happens, I'm wearing two rings, too, and a gold chain, but mine has a cross and two lockets on it. I guess I'm more of a gangsta than Mike was. That's right, I'm a 56-year-old bling wearing, gangsta! Bitchez better look out.

 MOAR earth shattering news: Mike Brown quoted song lyrics. Brown-song

 A teenager smoking weed? That does it. Darren Wilson is innocent, because no teenager ever has smoked weed, me included (wink wink).

The most sickening part of Johnson's post is that he concludes it with, "If you like the work does and want to continue funding our research or lawsuits, please consider donating here."

I refuse to link to his grifting FundMe page. A teenager is dead. He's trying to trash Mr. Brown's character and even linked him with another slain teen, Trayvon Martin.