Thursday, July 11, 2013

California man arrested for kidnapping, having sexy-time with horses

56 year-old Bryon Baker from California was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly kidnapped one horse and sexually assaulted another.

An investigation was launched last January after a horse turned up missing from a Northern California ranch, which led investigators to believe the horse was stolen.

The Weekly Vice reports:
 In May of this year, the theft of the horse was linked to Baker when it was found that the horse had died while in his care.

During the same investigation it was also discovered that Baker sexually assaulted another horse. Baker was taken into custody after a raid on his motor home. He was booked into jail and charged with suspicion of grand theft of a horse, animal cruelty, attempted grand theft of a horse and sexual assault on an animal.
Meanwhile an Ohio man was jailed after being caught by a child having sex with a rubber pool raft in front of several children. It's not his first offense having sexy-time with a raft. | FON on FaceBook