Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fox News now the least trusted network as ratings plummet and poll numbers take a dive

February 6, 2013

PPP’s annual poll on TV news found that there’s only one source more Americans trust than distrust: PBS. 52% of voters say they trust PBS to only 29% who don’t trust it. The other seven outlets we polled on are all distrusted by a plurality of  voters. PPP expands on Fox News’ ratings, which have plummeted, “Just like its actual ratings, Fox News has hit a record low in the four years that we’ve been doing this poll. 41% of voters trust it to 46% who do not. To put those numbers into some perspective the first time we did this poll, in 2010, 49% of voters trusted it to 37% who did not.” On a side note: Who are these people that trust Fox News?

“We continue to find that Democrats trust most tv news sources other than Fox, while  Republicans don’t trust anything except Fox,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public  Policy Polling. “News preferences are very polarizing along party lines.”

More Americans identify Fox News as the outlet they trust the least- 39% In contrast, 14% distrust MSNBC, 13% distrust CNN, 12% distrust Comedy Central, 5% for ABC and CBS, 3% for NBC, and 1% for PBS.

As reported here, Fox News is enduring its worst primetime ratings among a key group of viewers since 2001 in January,; MSNBC’s are up.  January 2013 marked Fox News Channel’s lowest 25-54 delivery (226,000) in Sales Prime since August 2001.  That’s a 12 year low for anyone is calculating the damage in terms of years.

Sarah Palin is out. Dick Morris has been shown the door.  Apparently, Americans don’t like piles of shit shoveled into their TV sets anymore.

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