Saturday, February 16, 2013

Former GOP candidate who promised to go after thugs & criminals was arrested for shoplifting

February 16, 2013

Former Republican candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner, Dale Peterson, created ads in the 2010 Republican primary featuring him holding a rifle and promising to go after thugs and criminals in Montgomery politics. The ads went viral on YouTube, but Peterson finished third, however they did make him a popular speaker at Republican events and an adviser to Herman Cain in his presidential bid last year. Peterson also said in his ad that the position he’s running for is responsible for over $5 billion. But, hes now charged with shoplifting $40 worth of merchandise.

After venturing to a Wal-Mart, then using the bathroom, Peterson was stopped by employees taking a shopping cart of beer and paper towels past the store’s cash registers without paying for the items.

The AP reports that Peterson is blaming thugs and criminals for spreading word about his arrest to keep him from making another campaign in 2014. -- continued: