Saturday, August 17, 2013

NEW Product Makes Couch Cushion Pillow Fights With Live Ammo Possible!

It's time to upgrade that old pocket change, TV remote eating, home office couch to the Bulletproof Couchbunker folks.

From the wfaa news report:
" The concealed safe in the Couchbunker provides space to hide up to 40 rifles and ammunition. The bulletproof cushions are optional. "Hopefully you never need the panels," Adrain explained, adding, "but we never know the situation we're going to be in. If there's a home invasion, you can take one of the cushions, and hand it to one of your children or your spouse to protect them. We make them with arm straps, so you can hold the cushion with one hand and fire with the other hand." .... "Thirty-to-forty percent of our business goes to the state of Texas," he said. "
Sounds too good to be true? don't worry this product was field tested:
" "We did a .380, a 9mm, a .40 and a .45-caliber," Poitevent explained. Adrain added, "It will stop a .44 Magnum pointblank." "

" The patent on the design is pending. Adrain said his sofas are selling, but they are expensive, starting around $7,000. "

Spice up your new bulletproof Couchbunker with a few of these throw pillows.

Gun throw pillows

This product could open up the adult film industry to a new demographic, Gun nut's: Barely 18 co-ed pillow fights with live ammo.

Image: Pillow Fight League - click here for video